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Charles Mingus' Revenge
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You Kept Silent
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Singapore Democrats
Tak Boleh Tahan ['cannot take it anymore']
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Far King Bus Turd
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$ingapore Is Burma's Biggest Investor
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Talkin' About My Revolutions
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Is There An Islamic Problem?
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May Day, May Day
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Still Not Free After All These Years
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Honey, I Shrunk The News
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How Many $ingaporeans?
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April 8, 2015

Half A Million Pensioners In U.K.
To Get Their
Money Back

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Do The Independence

There are over 263 tracks on Do The Independence, a five-disc indie music compilation. The box set comes with a silver disc DVD (which contains 203 songs but no video); four CD-Rs (TDK or Sony discs) of 60 tracks; and printed artwork. All together there are over 175 acts.
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Ten years ago, in 1998, Malaysians took to the streets and braved water cannons when they stood up for Anwar Ibrahim and reformasi. With what's happening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysians might have to take to the streets again in 2008. Click here to read or buy Sabri Zain's first-person account of those early reformasi days in Face Off.

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Yvonne Elliman
Tokyo 2011

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Sausalito 1972

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Dick Clark
New Year's Eve 2011 (data)

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Liza Minelli
Basel 2011 (data)

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Prince's Trust Rock Gala 2011 (data)


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April 25, 2015

Latest: A Cleaner BigO Homepage

The first to fall in any civilization is the proper application of the rule of law. If the rich and powerful stand above the law, then society creates a gulf between its citizens dividing people into classes. The ruling class in modern society thinks it is possible to manipulate the truth using the media to control people's perception. It remains to be seen. By Michael Krieger.

The American justice system is broken. Completely and totally broken. This has been one of the key themes here at Liberty Blitzkrieg since inception, and I’ve come to realize that the death of the rule of law is the single most important issue facing our society at this time.

This site has focused on the increased use of selective prosecution in these United States. If you are poor, disenfranchised, or a dissident, the full force of the law will rain down on your skull like a thousand tons of bricks. We have seen this repeatedly in cases such as the South Carolina man who was fined $525 and fired from his job when he failed to pay for a $0.89 soda refill.

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Free Downloads: This Week's New MP3s
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Latest: Neil Young
Secret Gig - San Luis 2015
Latest: Pink Floyd
Zabriskie Point The Complete Sessions Vol One
Latest: Jonathan Richman
Vinyl Rarities
Latest: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Tokyo 2015
Latest: Robert Palmer
Band In Boston 1979
Catherine MacLellan
Bremen 2015
Hardin & York
Bern 1971
Roxy Music
Pasadena 1979
Van Morrison
UCLA 1975
Lisa Simone
Switzerland 2015
Nicolette Larson
West Hollywood 1979
Manfred Mann
Illinois 1976
Sunny Murray and Misha Mengelberg
Doelen Jazz 1972
Frank Zappa
Knebworth 1978
The Replacements
Seattle 2015
Jefferson Airplane
Captain Consciousness Presents
Jerry Garcia and Friends
Pacific High Studio, San Francisco1972
Sufjan Stevens
Philadelphia 2015
Bruce Springsteen
Milwaukee - The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol Three
The Thing
Berlin 2014
Karla Bonoff
Sellersville, PA 2015
The Rolling Stones
Live'r Than You'll Ever Be - 2015 Deluxe Edition
J Geils Band
Detroit 1974
Savoy Brown
Chicago 1969/Connecticut 1969/Cincinnati 1970

Latest: England Dan & John Ford Coley
Studio Sessions
Paris 1975
Joni Mitchell and James Taylor
Royal Albert Hall 1970
Jimi Hendrix
Cologne 1969
The Band
We Can Talk Sessions 1968
Free Tibet Concert 1996
Miles Davis
Rome 1969
Fukuoka 1976
Nick Lowe
London 2001

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Long Live Rock! [BigO Audio Archive]

New ROIOs*
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band featuring the Miami Horns - Fox Theatre, Nothing to Lose: The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol. Two
Bruce Springsteen - "E" Ticket" Classic Vinyl Bootlegs Revisited
Tom Waits - The Troubadour 1976
Joe Walsh - Wiltern Theatre 1991
The Who - Live at O2 Arena, 2015
Lucinda Williams - Troubadour, Hollywood, CA 2015
Steve Wynn - Utrecht, The Netherlands 2015
Yo La Tengo - Murdering The Classics 2015 WFMU-FM
Linda Ronstadt - The Troubadour, West Hollywood 1976 previously uncirculated
Rush - Juvenile Delinquents 1975
Rush - Hawaiian Under Pressure
Leon Russell - Fillmore East, NYC Nov 20, 1970 'Uncirculated Soundboard'
Ed Sheeran - BBC Radio 1 Session 2015
Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - Prove It All Night: The Music Of Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey 2015
Rolling Stones - Foxes In The Boxes Vol. One Unreleased Emotional Rescue, Undercover and Keith Richards Solo Sessions
Rolling Stones - Foxes In The Boxes Vol. Two Unreleased and Un-circulated Dirty Work Sessions
The Rolling Stones - Out Of Our December's Aftermath 2015
The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out Collection 2009
The Rolling Stones - Some Girls Revisited 2015
The Rolling Stones - The Mick Taylor Era Live 1969-1973
The Rolling Stones - Lonely At The Top 2015
The Replacements - The Roxy 1985
Elvis Presley - Hard Knocks
Queen - Hammersmith Odeon, 1975, Westwood One source: UPGRADE
Rain Parade - Torino 1985
The Reivers - New York City 1985
Odetta - Chicago 1957
Of Montreal - Live In Session On Morning Becomes Eclectic FM 2015
The Grateful Dead - Fillmore West 1969 SBD
The Grateful Dead - Fillmore West 1970, Friday June 5
The Grateful Dead - Fillmore West 1970, Saturday June 6

*Recordings of indeterminate origin
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New DVD Archive Of Rare Films
David Bowie - Trafic Musique Special, France 2003
Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires - Paris, France, 2014 webcast 720p
James Brown - Mr Dynamite BBC 2015 HDTV 720p
Chic featuring Nile Rodgers - Live at Roundhouse 2015, Webcast 720p
Gene Clark - The Byrd Who Flew Alone, The Triumphs and Tragedy of Gene Clark 2013
Miles Davis Septet - Turin, Italy 1971 UPGRADE
Billy Cobham - Live at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London 2015 webstream 720p
Borodin - Prince Igor 2014 HDTV 1080i
Andrea Bocelli and Friends - Love in Portofino, 2012 HDTV 1080i
Joan Baez - Live At Place De La Concorde 1983
Joan Baez - Brittany, France 2000
Courtney Barnett - NPR Tiny Desk Concert 2014, webcast 1080p
Courtney Barnett - SXSW, Texas 2015 webcast 720p
BBC Storyville - Rocking Cambodia: Rise of a Pop Diva 2015 HDTV 720p
The Beatles - The Beatles On Television Vol 24
The Beatles - The Beatles On Television Vol 24 UPGRADE
Chuck Berry - "Bonsoir! Bonsoir! Bonsoir!" France 1965
Chuck Berry & The Rocking Horses - BBC In Concert 1972 UPGRADE from 2010 broadcast
Chuck Berry & The Rocking Horses - BBC In Concert 1972 UPGRADE HDTV Version
Chuck Berry and B.B. King - Live On Soul Train 1973 and 1975
Bartok - Blubeard's Castle 2015 HDTV 1080p
Bartok - Blubeard's Castle 2015 HDTV 1080i UPGRADE
Bellini - Norma 2015 HDTV 1080p
Velvet Underground - The Making Of An Underground Film 1965
Sly and the Family Stone - Harlem, NYC 1969 pro-shot
Spoon - Austin City Limits 2014 HDTV 1080i


ROIO Of The Week
Robert Palmer - Band In Boston [no label, 1CD] The Warner Brothers Radio Show, 1979. Excellent soundboard. Before Robert Palmer became "simply irresistible".
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'Music Should Not Be Free'

We think it all started here: "Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for. It's my opinion that music should not be free..." That was $uperduper $tar Taylor $wift writing an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2014, declaring her financial interest. If music is not to be free, how about love, friendship, sex, medical treatment or everything else?

The billionaire and millionaire musicians gathered with Jay-z in New York on March 30, 2015 to launch an artist-owned, high-speed, digital download/streaming service called TIDAL. After a week or so, two mid-sized acts came out to criticize TIDAL. Sensing something was not right, The Daily Beast interviewed Mumford and Sons and Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard to find out the view from below. Here are quotable quotes that tell of their misgivings.

Ben Gibbard, of Death Cab For Cutie, April 11, 2015
"If I had been Jay Z, I would have brought out 10 artists that were underground or independent and said, 'These are the people who are struggling to make a living in today's music industry. Whereas this competitor streaming site pays this person 15 cents for X amount of streams, that same amount of streams on my site, on Tidal, will pay that artist this much.'"

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Iris DeMent's Wasteland Provokes Intense Debate

When Iris DeMent wrote Wasteland Of The Free in 1996, it angered conservatives in America, war veterans and some politicians. The five-minute song denounces religious and political hypocrisy and corruption, government and corporate attacks on workers' wages, the great and growing gap between rich and poor. But the singer was never arrested or charged with any hate crime. Nineteen years later all that DeMent wrote about has probably gotten a lot worst. There's a YouTube link below where first-timers can listen to the song. By Richard Phillips. This article was first published on March 12, 1999.

The folk/traditional American music scene has produced powerful social commentators from Woody Guthrie and others in the 1930s and '40s, through to the numerous folk singers who spoke out in the 1960s against racism, the war in Vietnam and other political and social issues. Today there are few artists within this genre prepared to deal with the social problems confronting ordinary working people or speak out against religious hypocrisy, war or government attacks on democratic rights.

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Shakin' All Over [the noize]
How Independent Artists and Labels Are Getting Squeezed Out By The 'Vinyl Revival'
In spite of increasing record sales, limited pressing plants and larger orders from the majors and the likes of Jack White mean indie releases are pushed aside in the vinyl market. By Mike Campbell.
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What's A $1000 For A Beatles Vinyl?
WIRED has put the spotlight on vinyl in its latest edition.
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Bob Dylan: 'Critics Have Been Giving Me A Hard Time Since Day One'
Bob Dylan was honored by MusiCares, the charity organization that aids musicians in need, at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 6, 2015. Here is his MusiCares person of the year acceptance speech.
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I Can See For Miles [cinelife]
Night With A Princess
Hajime Hashimoto's Princess Sakura: Forbidden Pleasures (2013) sounds really inviting on paper - a wayward princess, after a night of sex with a thief, runs off to join a brothel. Too bad, it's only on paper, says Stephen Tan.
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Little Sister Won't You Please Please Me
A brand new step-sister with a chastity belt, and a horny ghost in tow - as if that's not an invite to some familial hijinks in Yuki Aoyama's What‘s Going On With My Sister (2014). Stephen Tan reviews.
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The Great Geisha
The central sex scene in Hideo Gosha's Tokyo Bordello (1987) is between two women but it is not about a lesbian affair, it's more like how to get a leg up in a skin trade driven by profiteering and human exploitation. Stephen Tan reviews.
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All God's Children
Rajkumar Hirani's PK (2014) may be a satire on God and religion but a terrorist bombing scene that is right out of today's headlines only shows the gulf and deep chasms that remain are still very difficult to bridge. Stephen Tan reviews.
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I Can't Explain [world affairs]
Imagery And Empire: Understanding The Western Fear Of Arab And Muslim Terrorists
Not all Arabs/Muslims are terrorists, but are most terrorists Arabs/Muslims? Thanks to Washington's spin doctors, that appears to be the image in many people's minds. By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.
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Thinking About My Own Death
After more than a month of very public grieving, here's an alternate point of view that in the end only love matters. The soundtrack to this Missy Beattie article is Bob Marley's very relevant "Is This Love?"
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Once You Accept File-Sharing Is Here To Stay, You Can Focus On All The Positive Things
File-sharing was already rampant when Pirate Party's Rick Falkvinge was growing up in Sweden. They had Sneakernet, which was quite comparable in sharing efficiency - not just over large distances.
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Strange Convergence
If Billie Holiday and Ethel Rosenberg were alive, they’d both celebrate their 100th birthdays this year. At first glance they may seem an unlikely couple, but a closer look reveals surprising parallels. By Robert Meeropol.
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War In Yemen Good For U.S.
How the world is facing yet another brand new WAR. By Finian Cunningham.
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Movie Reviews
Dir: Celso Ad Castillo

Critic After Dark Noel Vera braces himself for some midnight madness as he revisits Celso Ad Castillo's cult classic Maligno (1977), "possibly one of the greatest Filipino horror films ever made."
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The Magical World of Pedro Penduko
Dir: Celso Ad Castillo

When Celso Ad Castillo's The Magical World of Pedro Penduko (1973) is filled with magic, action, song-and-dance and melodrama, Critic After Dark Noel Vera decides to sit down and make some sense out of it.
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Dir: Ava DuVernay

Critic After Dark Noel Vera catches up on two biopics - Ava DuVernay's Selma (2014) and Clint Eastwood's American Sniper (2014) - both problematic. Which one's historically accurate, which mostly invented? Which succeeds and which fails? Which is the better work?
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The Theory Of Everything
Dir: James Marsh

James Marsh'S The Theory Of Everything (2014) would have been something if it had focused on Stephen Hawking as a celebrity Casanova but somehow, this biopic feels so disappointingly bloodless, says Critic After Dark Noel Vera.
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Dir: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

The intrigues, the jealousies, the power-plays, the affairs - a life in the theater, by way of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's Birdman (2014). If only they had dropped the digital effects, says Critic After Dark Noel Vera. Birdman won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography at the 2015 Oscars.
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