BATMAN #608 [DC]
by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee


Batman rescues Harry Potter within the first four pages. Not.

It must be that peculiar Jim Lee humour that made him draw the young kidnap victim like Harry Potter. Or is it Lee’s acute sense of what will sell? Either way, Lee has always been a fan favourite for his bodacious babes and macho men. His Batman is unlike the Saturday Morning cartoony flavor nor a grotesque, cauliflower-eared, rugged hero a la Frank Miller’s. Action hero is Lee’s favored style. His Batman is akin to Arnold Schwazennegger with all the smoothness of a monosyllabic retard.

Jeph Loeb just dotes on Lee. His Hush offers a slouchy first of 12 parts with the narrative stuck in Gotham City’s shipyard where the rescue of "Harry Potter" is underway. Loads of close ups, loads of punch ups, Batman playing with his high-tech toys and surveillance equipment keeps Lee busy.

From what a recent interview with Lee revealed, Hush will introduce Batman’s long-discarded vault of villains. This first issue has Killer Croc and Poison Ivy. Other issues promise to bring back The Joker, The Penguin and even a guest by Harlequinn. We can see the reevaluation of Batman will not be looking ahead but backwards.

With DC talking up the 100,000 copies of Batman #608 as sold, that Lee magic is still as infectious. In the end, he was always about image. - Michael Cheah

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