by Warren Ellis and Garry Leach


The premise is simple. If the world has spent the last 50 years in a secret Cold War, then surely at the end of it all, the consequences of that war will be showing up in weapons’ stockpiles, secret armies of spies and assassins and secret weapons of mass destruction. Into this breach come the Global Frequency, funded by the G-8 government, to monitor and neutralise any operatives from the old Cold War.

They have 1,001 operatives around the world, linked by a Global Positioning System that uses G-3 telephony services. These experts are recognised as vigilantes and operate like "lone rangers" motivated not by money or greed but altruism.

Too bad, then, that Ellis wrote his script at least six months too late. If he had just seen the first drafts of US President George W Bush’s National Security of the United States of America policy paper, he would have realised that the post-Cold War world is an imperialist structure with America, pre-eminent above all nations. The 12,500 word declaration baldly states that America will not allow any country to be equal or greater than itself. In other words, America wants total control.

There is no place in the world for a concept like Global Frequency which operates independent of any country. This is a case where reality is more frightening than Ellis’ wildest imagination. That can’t be good for Ellis’ ego, let alone the world’s. - Michael Cheah


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