LUCIFER #31 [Vertigo]
by Mike Carey, Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly


Why does Lucifer warrant a comic book but not God?

After 31 issues of what originally felt like a maxi-series that would expire after 12 issues, Mike Carey and crew have struck a goldmine. Like The Sandman series, Lucifer looks set for a long run. Each issue reads like real life with Lucifer as the cunning anti-hero who outwits all other demons and fallen angels. As if being pragmatic and sneaky is something we have all taken on as second skin.

We take pleasure in how Lucifer exposes hypocrisy among the angels. We cheer him on as he vanquishes the demigods who want his realm of Hell. We marvel at his skill in turning adversity into opportunity because in everyday life these are the skills you need to survive the human jungle.

Mike Carey understands human nature. He has crafted a Lucifer in the "image of man" turning the long held statement that man was made in the "image of God". The conceit is that we have fallen so far from the "image of God" that more and more our behaviour is not dictated by principles, ideals or compassion.

Pick up an issue now and tell yourself the Devil made me do it. - Michael Cheah

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