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By Kevin Smith and Terry & Rachel Dodson


The Evil That Men Do is a four-part mini-series by the enfant terrible of comics Kevin Smith and the cheesecake duo of Tits & Ass Dodson. The opening sequence of Felicia (Black Cat) Hardy taking a shower is pure Dodsons. But then the Dodsons’ do have a thing about clean lines, muscular features and heroic postures.

So the problem with this teamup is the rather slow pace of the first-parter by Kevin Smith. It’s established that young girls and boys are disappearing in New York City and both the Cat and Spider-Man are unaware that the other is on the case. When the last page arrives, we are informed a mysterious, unseen villain, by the name of Mr Brownstone is behind the disappearances. Drugs and teen sex seem to be the subtext here.

If Smith is struggling to keep the plot interesting, it may be because Spider-Man of late has been too much of a regular hero. Smith thrives on heroes with an attitude — eg his time at Daredevil and Green Arrow.

I mean that cheap shot at humor on page 18, with the Black Cat swinging by a large billboard with the words "The Pen Is…" hyphened at the crucial space by the Cat’s right hand. C’mon.

A good comic just needs a good story and some compelling artwork to draw the reader. These days plots are either hackneyed or pointless. Mostly, publishers rely on tits and asses to draw the comic fan (the target being adolescent boys) and lots of weaponry and pyrotechnics just like in the movies. That’s why this first issue of Spider-Man & The Black Cat sucks so badly. - Michael Cheah

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