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NEW X-MEN #114-126 [Marvel]
by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely


Sibling rivalry. That’s the other long-running theme in the X-men saga since Stan & Jack created the title back in September 1963. The first time was in #12 and #13 when Prof X’s long-lost and never before mentioned step-brother shows up as "the pulse-pounding, unstoppable" Juggernaut. Well Grant Morrison has been hiding his inspiration for The X-tinction Agenda pretty close till the final showdown at the X-Men’s mansion in #126.

This showdown with Prof X’s long-lost and never before mentioned twin sister is equally dramatic and heart-stopping. Trapped by the evil twin, Marvel Girl explains the heroes position:

"You may be an expert on fear, isolation, loss, pain and hatred. But you have no idea what friendship is.

"You don’t understand the emotional mechanics of people who stick together and support one another. You just seem real vulnerable to me."

In the end, it’s never the powerful and hated who will be remembered but the survivors who write the story. Stan & Jack’s Juggernaut story was never this long but its influence has stretched across almost four decades. The entire run starts with New X-Men #114 up to #126. - Michael Cheah

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