Rootz Disco
(October 20, 2002)

Supporting headliner Dark Funeral are Singaporean bands such as Rudra, MeltgSnow, Istiraj, Malaysians Sil-Khannaz and Surrender Of Divinity from Thailand. A reunion of sorts, I met a few people from the underground metal scene, including Mark Sawickis, from US horror gore band, Impetigo, who specially came over to see the gig.

Rudra opened the show with a ravishing display of vedic metal. The sound is there and they are well-established in the scene. Istiraj had a vocalist who shrieked his way through almost all the songs. It also made me wonder whether he cared about vocal phrasing. I had to go out for a couple of minutes to give my poor ears a rest from all that shrieking. Sil Khannaz were rock riff warriors who seeped out from the speakers, into the air and into our spirits. Danni and Meltgsnow gelled together with some old school thrash metal with King Diamond vocals.

Siamese destroyers, Surrender Of Divinity are up next and they also had a vocalist who shrieked his way through all of the songs. Was he singing in Thai or English? Musically, the band is tight and I can sense the improvements when they change from riff to riff.

Then it's time for Dark Funeral to show who can wield the axe the hardest. I was hypnotised by the band's frontman, Caligula Magus. The vocals are strong, I hear low-pitched and high-pitched vocals and even some normal ones. They have succeeded in progressing musically while retaining that Dark Funeral atmosphere. Hell, they made me punch my fist in the air (and, trust me, I don't do that very often at a black netal gig). — Adam Md Yusop. Pictures by Fadila.


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