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THE '60s

Summer Sounds [and Pet Sessions] [Invasion Unlimited] Beach Boys Today and Pet Sounds outtakes

Live At Michigan State University [Golden Collection] plus Sydney 1964 and Hawaii 1967

Time To Get Alone [Silver Shadow 2CD] Help Me Rhonda sessions, Party sessions, 1965 demos and Pet Sounds demos

Heroes And Villains Sessions Pt 1 & 2 [Wilson Records] - 1966

Pet Sounds Sessions [Hawthorne] - 11 outtakes and the stereo mix

Pet Sounds Rehearsals [Yellow Dog]

Alive And Smiling [Sphinx] Live Sacramento Aug 1 1964 + 16 Smile outtakes


Smile [The Early Years]

Smile [Sphinx]

Smile [T 2580-2]

Smile [T 2580 2CD]

Smile [Wilson records] in LP replica sleeve

THE '70s

Landlocked [9009-2] original 1970 mix

Landlocked/Adult Child [Peg Boy] includes 1977's Adult Child. Unreleased albums

Brian's Back (He Loves You) [Invasion Unlimited] Outtakes from 15 Big Ones, Love You and MIU from 1976-'77

May 1 1971 - Do It Again [Triangle] Live Syracuse University, New York


June 27 1971 - Live At The Fillmore East [Moonlight] Live Fillmore East + 3 tracks London 1972

Apr 12 1974 - Help Me Tampa [BB5 2CD] Live Tampa, Florida + TV shows 1960s to '80s

1974 - Trader Goes To Nassau [BB041 2CD] Live Nassau

1979 - 26 Big Ones [Pop Meister] soundcheck and live at Knebworth, England

THE '80s

1980 - Knebworth 1980 [Mistral] Live at Knebworth, England. An official release is coming.

Nov 26 1982 and July 4 1985 - Fun Fun Fun With Jimmy Page [Sugar Cane 2CD] Two shows, 1982 at Montego Bay, Jamaica and 1985 at Philadelphia respectively.



Sun, Surf and Balloons [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

Unreleased Gems [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

California Feeling [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

Solos [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

Surfin' Rarities Vol 1 [Silver Rarities] Sessions from 1971 to 1976

Rarities On Compact Disc Vol 1 [Golden Collection] Various live, demos and outtakes

Rarities On Compact Disc Vol 2 [no label] Various live, demos and outtakes

The Golden Collection [Golden Collection] Taken from official releases, duets, soundtracks.

For Collectors Only [Bell Bottom] Taken from official releases



Still I Dream Of You [M&M] 32 tracks produced by Brian Wilson for other artists

The Honeys [Capitol 1992] Official release of trio produced by Brian Wilson

In My Room [Invasion Unlimited] Studio outtakes and home demos 1976-'78

The Wilson Project [Invasion Unlimited] Studio sessions with Gary Usher 1986

The Sweet Insanity Sessions [Dynamite Studio] Unreleased album with Dr Landy

Sweet Insanity [Vigotone 112] Unreleased album with Dr Landy

Come Back Brian [Vigotone 125] demos, outtakes from '88s Brian Wilson, more Sweet Insanity from the first mix

21 Little Ones [Vigotone 151] Gary Usher '86 sessions + rarities from official releases

Sessions 1996 [no label CD-R] The Brian Wilson - Andy Paley Sessions 1996

Pre-Show Jitters [Polar Bear] Live rehearsals and radio show on July 4 2000.


Denny Remembered Vol 1 & 2 [Wilson Records 2CD] Unreleased sessions for Bamboo and live

Carl Wilson Live From The Bottomline 1981 [Wild Street]

BOX SETS [Sea Of Tunes 58 CDs]


Live In Sacramento 1964

Live In Sacramento 1964 Second Show!

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1 [1962] Alternate Surfin' Safari

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 [1963] Alternate Surfin' USA

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 3 [1963] Alternate Surfer Girl

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 4 [1963] Miscellaneous with The Honeys 2CD


Christmas Sessions - The Alternate Beach Boys Christmas Album 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 5 [1964] Miscellaneous Vol 2

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 6 [1964] Alternate All Summer Long 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 7 [1964] Alternate Beach Boys Today Vol 1 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 8 [1965] Alternate Beach Boys Today Vol 2 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 9 [1965] Alternate Summer Days & Summer Nights 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 10 [1965] Alternate Beach Boys Party! 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 11 [1965] Miscellaneous Vol 3 2CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 12 [1965] Sloop John B Sessions + radio spots 2CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 13 [1965-66] Alternate Pet Sounds Vol 1 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 14 [1966] Alternate Pet Sounds Vol 2 4CD


The Live Box [1965-68] The Complete Michigan Concert + Chicago '65, Sept 11 '67 rehearsals and London rehearsals '68 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 15 [1966] Good Vibrations 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 16 [1966-67] Smile

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 17 [1966-67] Smile Sessions 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 18 [1967] Alternate Smiley Smile

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 19 [1967] Alternate Wild Honey 2CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 20 [1968-69] Alternate Friends, 20-20 and oddities 2CD

Today & Summer Days [Summer Nights] Stereo version of Beach Boys Today and Summer Days with bonus tracks

The Sea Of Tunes label released 58 CDs from 1997 - 1999

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