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THE '60s

The Minnesota Tapes (3CD May-December 1961 home recordings)

Acoustic Troubadour (Carnegie Chapter Hall Nov 4 1961 and Concert for Bangladesh and Blood on the Tracks outtakes)

Folksinger's Choice (Cynthia Gooding radio show Mar 11 1962)

Finjian Club (Montreal Canada, July 2 1962)

Broadside (Broadside sessions 1962-'63, WBAI-FM radio show May 1962 and live Aug 28 '63)

In The Pines (live Chicago May 1963, Leeds Music Demos and more)

Bob Dylan In Concert (Town Hall, New York April 12 1963 & Carnegie Hall Oct 26 1963)

All Hallows' Eve & More (2CD live at Philharmonic Hall New York, Oct 31, 1964 and WBAI-FM radio show May 1962)

- The Witmark Demos (2CD demos from 1962-'64)

The Banjo Tape & NYC Town Hall (live in New York Feb 8 and Apr 12 1963 at NY Town Hall)

Studs Terkel's Wax Museum (live in Chicago May 3 1963)

Quest For Newport (Live in Newport July 1964-65)

Freewheelin' Outtakes

Sunset Studio (1965) [outtakes Nov 1965]

Seven Years Bad Luck (Freewheelin', Bringing It All Back Home and '69 outtakes)

Highway 61 Revisted Again (acetates from 1965)

Thin Wild Mercury Music (Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde On Blonde outtakes and alternates)

The Emmett Grogan Acetates & Other Rarities (acetates, Don't Look Back soundtrack, more from 1964-66)

– Skeleton Songs (instrumental sessions from 1965-66)

Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears (Manchester Free Trade Hall May 7 1965)

– Electric Black Nite Crash (Hollywood Bowl, Sept 3 1965)

Manchester Prayer (Manchester Free Trade Hall May 17 1966)

The Live Dylan (Adelphi Theatre Dublin May 5 1966)

The Live Dylan With The Band (Royal Albert Hall May 26 1966 - this is actually Manchester Free Trade Hall)

Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix (2CD Manchester Free Trade Hall May 17 1966)

Happy Dylennium (2CD Sydney Australia Apr 13 1966)

Melbourne, Australia (Festival Hall, Apr 19-20 1966)

All American Boy (Basement Tapes outtakes 1967)

– Statue Of Liberty (Basement Tapes outtakes 1967)

– Bob Dylan, Tiny Tim And The Band Down In The Basement (1967 Big Pink sessions)

– More Music From Big Pink (Basement Tapes sessions 1967)

– Bob Dylan Meets George Harrison and Johnny Cash (Nashville sessions 1969 and New York sessions 1970)

Possum Belly Overalls (Nashville sessions 1969 and New York sessions 1970)

Almost Went To See Elvis (Nashville sessions 1969 and New York sessions 1970)

– Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash Nashville 1969 (Sessions)

Minstrel Boy (Isle of Wight Aug 31 1969)

THE '70s

Lucky Luke (Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid outtakes 1972)

– Bob Dylan At The Spectrum (2CD Spectrum Philadelphia Jan 8 1974)

Into The Flood (2CD Capital Centre, Jan 15 1974, with The Band)

Love Songs For America (2CD Boston Garden Jan 14 1974, with The Band)

The Poet & The Players (2CD Madison Square Gardens Jan 31 1974, with The Band)

Paint The Daytime Black (2CD Forum, Los Angeles, Feb 14 1974, with The Band)

Blood On The Tapes (Blood on the Tracks outtakes 1974)

New York Sessions (Blood on the Tracks original version unreleased Sept 12 & 16 1974)

Songs For Patty Valentine (outtakes from July 1975)

Knight Of The Hurricane (2CD Madison Square Garden Dec 8 1975 )

Renaldo And Clara (music from the film Oct-Nov 1975)

Plymouth Rock (Plymouth Oct 31 1975 & Waterbury Nov 11 1975)

Get Ready! Tonight Bob's Staying Here With You (2CD Boston Nov 21 1975)

The Days Before Hard Rain (Rehearsals at Belleville Biltmore Hotel Apr 22 1976)

Going Going Guam: The Complete Rolling Thunder Rehearsals (4CD Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals 1976 and more)

Rolling Thunder Revue (2CD New Orleans May 3 1976)

Hold The Fort, Lock Up The Warehouse (2CD Ft Worth May 16 1976)

Blood And Thunder (Oklahoma May 18 1976 and more)

L ike A Rolling Stone - The Hidden TV Shows (Rolling Thunder Revue Hughes

– Stadium, Ft Collins May 23 1976 + rehearsals Apr 22 1979 at Biltmore Hotel)

THE '80s

The Born Again Music (2CD Massey Hall Toronto, Canada Apr 20 1980)

– Between Saved And Shot (Studio sessions Apr-May 1981)

Stadiums of the Damned (2CD New Orleans Nov 10 1981)

Outfidels (Infidels outtakes 1983)

Rough Cuts (2CD Infidels outtakes 1983)

Ring Them Bells (Oh Mercy outtakes March 1989 )

– Oh Mercy Outtakes (1989)

– Have Mercy (Oh Mercy and Under The Red Sky sessions 1989-90)

Tempest Storm (Empire Burlesque outtakes 1985)

All The Way Down To Italy (2CD live in Italy June)

Covering Them (covers recorded live in 1986)

– Dancing In The Dark (2CD aborted live album recorded in 1987)

Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead: The Unreleased Live Album (July 1987)

Duelling Banjos (with Tom Petty, Seattle 1989)

THE '90s

Political World (Hammersmith Odeon Feb 1990)

Bobfest Rehearsals (2CD live in New York Oct 1992)

First Supper (2CD Supper Club New York, Nov 16 1993)

Fifth Time Around (2CD Hammersmith Odeon Dec 2 1993)

Laguna Beach (2CD Monterey California May 27 1995)

– Revisiting Autobahn '95 (soundboard recordings from Germany July 1995)

Brixton Blues (2CD live in 1995)

North Wind Blowing (2CD live in Oslo, Norway July 18 1996)

– Back At Wolftrap (2CD live in Vienna, Aug 23 1997)

Lovesick At Wembley Arena (2CD London, Oct 5 1997)

– El Rey Theatre: The First Night (2CD Los Angeles, Dec 16 1997)

– Night Of The Living Icons (May 1998 in America, also contains tracks by Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison)


Hard To Find (ultra rare tracks)

Hard To Find Vol 2 Extraordinary Performances 1975-95

Hardest To Find: Lost Diamonds 1986-96

Even Harder To Find: Lost Recordings 1962-86

Acetates On The Tracks Vol.2 (1965-1974) [outtakes]

Acetates On The Tracks Vol.3 (1974-1984) [Various live and outtakes]

Acetates On The Tracks Vol.4 (1984-1994) [Various live and six Oh Mercy outtakes]

– Dignity (outtakes and rarities from 1965-'92)

From The Vaults Vol 1 (2CD live from 1992-98)

From The Vaults Vol 2 (2CD live from 1992-99)

Genuine Bootleg Series Vol 1 (3CD 1961-1989)

Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 (3CD 1960-1993)

Genuine Bootleg Series The Third One Now (3CD 1962-1995)

– Genuine Bootleg Series The Band: Crossing The Great Divide (3CD 1961-1991)

– Genuine Bootleg Series 1966 (8CD live in 1966)

– Genuine Bootleg Series A Tree With Roots (4CD The Complete Basement Tapes 1967)


I Was So Much Younger Then (4CD miscellaneous home recordings, live performances and radio broadcasts 1958-'65)

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