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THE '60s

Cream - The Alternative Album [Masterplan] - 9 alternate tracks from Fresh Cream album + You Make Me Feel studio outtake and Falstaff beer ad. Prehistoric Sounds [Silver Rarities] - BBC sessions 1966-'67 with Cream

Radio Sessions [Invasion Unlimited] - BBC sessions 1966-'68 with Cream + five tracks by John Mayall Band with Clapton from 1965.

THE '70s

Any Day [Killing Floor] - Live Pavillion, Bournmouth, England, Aug 18 1970. A Derek & The Dominos show.

Derek & The Dominoes - Live at the Fillmore [4CD] Disc 1/2 live Oct 23 1970. Disc 3/4 live Oct 24 1970 in New York. Taken from original tapes. Excellent. These shows were the source of the Dominoes official live double LP.


The Last Sessions [Reel Records] - Derek & The Dominos session at Olympic Studios. No date given.

The Slowhand Masterfile: Rainbow Theatre [Antrabata 2CD] - Complete Rainbow concert from Jan 13 1973. Late show.

The Complete Rainbow Concert [Empress Valley 4CD] - Both the early and late show taken from the soundboard.

The Lost Polydor Tapes: Archives Pathfinder [8CD] Sessions for Eric Clapton (1st album), 461 Ocean Boulevard and There's One In Every Crowd plus quad mix of the two albums.

Eric Clapton - Smile 1974 [6CD] - Disc 1/2 live in Ohio July 4 1974. Disc 3/4 live in Montreal July 9 1974. Disc 5/6 live in Denver July 24 1974. All soundboard. This was Clapton's comeback tour recorded for a live album. The live album released was E.C. Was Here.


Eric Clapton - Clapton Is Mad Dog [2CD] Live at Boston Gardens July 7 1974. Soundboard.

Eric Clapton - Bright Lights In Blues City [Big Music] - Live in New York, July 14 1974. Soundboard

Eric Clapton - Smiling Away [1CD] Live in Tempe, July 18 1974. Soundboard.

The Unsurpassed Clapton Vol 2 [Yellow Dog] - Live at Omni Theatre, US, 1974. Pete Townshend plays on two tracks.

Eric Clapton - First Appearance [2CD] Live in Japan at Osaka, Nov 5 1974. First concert in Japan.

Eric Clapton - L.Z. Was Where? [4CD] Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London. Disc 1/2 live Dec 4 1974. Disc 3/4 live Dec 5 1974. The "L.Z" refers to Led Zeppelin who were in the audience watching the show. Soundboard.

'75 Tour Rehearsals [Massive Attack 2CD] - Live in the studio, USA June 11 1975


Eric Clapton - Joker: The Summer of 1975 [4CD] Disc 1/2 Live in Springfield Massachusetts, June 24 1975. Stunning audience recording. Disc 3/4 Live at the Forum, Los Angeles, Aug 14 1975. The latter show is the famous soundboard one with Santana, Keith Moon and Joe Cocker.

Eric Clapton - Splendor [2CD] 6/25/75 Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island 2CDR SBD 59,62min This is an outstanding audience recording from Providence, Rhode Island on 25 June 1975. This complete show features Carlos Santana on "Eyesight To The Blind" and "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad". According to Roberty's Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1995, this show was recorded for possible release. "Layla", "Further On Up The Road", "Driftin' Blues", and "Eyesight To The Blind / Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad" eventually made their way onto Crossroads 2. But, there are still lots of great tracks left on this boot. A complete soundboard recording of this show has never surfaced among collectors. This copy is a soundboard

Eric Clapton - Carnival To Rio [2CD] 8/12/75 Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO 2CDR SBD 51,55min The majority of this two-CD set was recorded in Denver, Colorado on 12 August 1975, with the last three tracks being from San Diego, California on 16 August 1975. The disc starts off with an amazing version of "Stormy Monday" and includes a rare performance of "Carnival". This release also has a TOTALLY different version of "Crossroads" and a great "Little Wing" with Santana.

Further On Up The Road [Living Legend] - Live Los Angeles Forum, Aug 14 1975 with Santana and Keith Moon jamming.

The Legendary LA Forum Show [Oh Boy 2CD] - Same as above with two extra songs.


Happy Happy Birthday Eric! [Dandelion] - Live Shangri-La Studio, Malibu, California, Mar 30 1976 with The Band, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Ron Wood and Billy Preston.

Eric Clapton - No Reason To Dry [1CD] Live at Hemel Hempstead Pavilion, UK, July 29 1976. Soundboard.

Eric Clapton - Dallas [1CD] Live in Dallas, Nov 15 1976. This is the radio broadcast. There is a complete 2CD version taken from an audience recording.

The Slowhand Masterfile: Hammersmith Odeon [Antrabata 2CD] - Live London, Apr 27 1977.

Eric Clapton - Bottom Dollar [2CD] Live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, 11 Feb 1978. Soundboard. This is the complete radio show. Bottom Dollar is a complete soundboard recording which has a gorgeous version of "Peaches & Diesel" - plus rare tracks like "Rodeo Man", Fools Paradise" and a late-1970s take on "Bottle Of Red Wine". All the now-classic tracks from Slowhand are also present.

Eric Clapton - Cleveland [2CD] 6/2/79 Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio 2CDR SBD 46,45min This show, recorded at Richfield Coliseum on 2 June 1979, is the only known soundboard recording to surface from this tour. It has rare tracks like "If I Don't Be There By Morning" and "Watch Out For Lucy".

THE '90s

Tears In Heaven [Turtle] - Unplugged show Mar 15 1992.


The Blues Concert [KTS 2CD] - Live Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, Aug 9 1994

Jazz Fez 1997 [Heartbreakers 2CD] - Live Umbria Festival, Perugia Italy, July 13 1997 with Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, Joe Sample and Steve Gadd. Jazz show.


The Unsurpassed Eric Clapton [Yellow Dog] - The Delaney mix of his first solo album

Layla & Other Assorted Unreleased Songs [Yellow Dog] - Derek & The Dominos outtakes, live and instrumentals.

Rare Live & Unreleased: Jewel Box 2 [Home Records] - Live recordings with Cream, The Dominos and duets with blues artists from 1966 to 1986. Cream's Falstaff beer ad included.

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