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THE '70s

Radio Radio [Retropop] - BBC sessions July 1977 to June 1983

Some Like It Hot [Gold Standard] - Live Hot Club, Philadelphia, Dec 7 1977

Pump [Lobster] - Live at El Macombo, Toronto, Canada Mar 6 1978

The Rise & Rise of Declan MacManus [Tone] - Live WDR Studio, Bremen, Germany, June 15 1978 + 4 tracks from Royal College of Music with Paul McCartney, Brodsky Quartet, Mar 23 1995.

I Stand Accused [Great Dane] - Live Lehigh College, Bethlehem, Apr 12 1979

THE '80s


Writing My Story [Beech Marten] - Live Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, 1984 US tour

Elvis Goes To Paris [Archivo] - Live Paris, November 1984

This Is Tomorrow [Big Music 2CD] - Live in Europe 1986

Sweetwater [Moonlight] - Live Sweetwater, Mill Valley, California, Apr 29 1989 with Jerry Garcia. Grateful Dead, Nick Lowe and James Burton.

THE '90s

Buddy Holly On Acid [IST] - Live The Forum, Europe, mid-July 1994

Under The Influenza [KTS] - Live in Europe 1994. Totally different tracks from Buddy Holly on Acid.

Jesus, This Is Elvis [KTS] - Live in Europe 1995.

A Royal Performance [Strawberry] - Live Royal College of Music with Paul McCartney, Brodsky Quartet, Mar 23 1995. Only four tracks are by Elvis

Aging Gracefully [Dicky Poo 2CD] - Live Fillmore, San Francisco, May 15 1996

Between Wisdom & Murder [Moontunes 2CD] - Live Supper Club, New York, May 22 1996, early show


Main Attraction [KTS] - Live Later Show, London, July 6 1996. With Brodsky Quartet

- Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach: The Royal Festival Hall [Thunderball] - Live in London, Oct 29 1998

Elvis Costello & The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra [Thunderball] - Live The Berwald Hall, Jan 5 1999


The Flip City Demos [Handmade] - Studio sessions 1975 with Flip City band.

Unplugged & Unshaved [Smoking Crocodile] - MTV Unplugged, Later Show & LA Tour rehearsals. No dates given.

Covers [BTM] - Studio sessions 1989.

Plugging The Gaps [Chance] - Compilation of official rarities and odditites.

Plugging The Gaps Vol 2 [Tone] - Compilation of official rarities includes demos, b-sides and live with Brodsky Quartet.

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