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Jackson Browne - The Nina Demos [2CD]. Predating his demos for the first album, Browne wrote some undistinguished songs [just listen to his ode to Melissa] that aped styles instead of being inspired. Still, fans will want to hear these 30 songs that offer no hint of the talented singer-songwriter. Very good sound, a bit scratchy suggesting these are taken off demo records.

Jackson Browne - The Criterion Demos [1CD]. In the days of vinyl, there were lots of Jackson Browne bootlegs but by the time bootleg CDs arrived, Browne's appeal had faded, hence these releases found on the net are welcomed. The Criterion Demos have first takes of Jamaica Say You Will, Song For Adam, Doctor My Eyes, My Opening Farewell and lots more all in excellent quality. The unreleased track from the first album, Nightingale, is distinguished by exceptionally poor quality. Get this if you can.

Jackson Browne - The Young Pretender [1CD]. Subtitled "Jackson Browne's first known recorded performance", that should get you excited. Mostly songs from the first two albums, the show was recorded Mar 27 1971 at Syracuse University, in New York. Before singing the last song of the show, Looking Into You, an agitated Browne tells his audience to "shut the fuck up". An excellent solo show [Jackson switches from guitar to piano] in excellent sound.


Jackson Browne - Chicago '72 [1CD]. In his early performances, Browne tailored his set to include his catchiest and most touching songs - Take It Easy, Jesus In 3/4 Time, Rock Me On The Water, Jamaica Say You Will, Song For Adam, These Days, Red Neck Friend, My Opening Farewell and Looking Into You. Five bonus tracks from an Amnesty International show in 1988 have been added.

Jackson Browne - Bryn Mawr [1CD]. Live at Bryn Mawr, Aug 15 1973. Joining Browne is his best known partner, David Lindley, on mandolin, guitar and fiddle. The song tracks mirror almost identically the shows from '72 except for the inclusion of a cover, Colors Of The Sun. A radio show in great sound.

Jackson Browne & Warren Zevon - VPRO Studios [1CD]. A radio show taken from Holland, on Dec 8 1976. Zevon backs Browne and vice versa. Browne does Cocaine for this radio show.


Jackson Browne - Hold Out For Japan [2CD]. This show is from Osaka in 1980 when Browne was touring in support of the Hold Out album. Excellent sound.

Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Santa Cruz [2CD]. By now, Lindley was a solo act and his return as Browne's partner was welcomed. This show was at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz on May 19 1987. Pretty much a standard Browne show with no surprises. Excellent sound.

- Jackson Browne - BBC Live Classic Tracks [1CD]. This was broadcast in 1997 but the performances were recorded during the World In Motion tour in San Francisco, 1989. The DJ injects an opinion before each song. Excellent sound.

Jackson Browne & Bruce Cockburn - Christmas Special [1CD]. This radio show recorded at the Sony Studios in New York actually has Cockburn as the headline star. Recorded Dec 12 1993. A nice version of Browne's The Rebel Jesus is here. Excellent sound.


Jackson Browne - I'm Alive [Silver Rarities 3CD] - live at Royal Albert Hall, 12-14 June 1994.

Jackson Browne - Everyman's Alive [RSM 2CD] - 19 tracks live in Eugene Oregon 1994 + 7 tracks live in the USA 1989 + one studio live track.

Jackson Browne - I'm The Cat [1CD]. A radio show from Mar 14 1996 in the US. Excellent sound.

Jackson Browne - Stays In Barcelona [QR] - live in Bikini, Barcelona Nov 22 1996.

Jackson Browne & Venice - Earth Day Concert [1CD]. A benefit concert for Earth Day, Browne guests with school band, Venice. This soundboard recording is excellent and was recorded Apr 22 2000. Only five of the 12 songs have Browne's involvement.

Jackson Browne - Golden Slumbers [3CD]. A fan compilation that covers the span of Browne's career. Highlights are a show at the Rai in Amsterdam, Dec 9 1976, an unplugged gig on Dutch radio June 18 1994, live in Cleveland 1995, live at Farm Aid and live with Springsteen and Bonnie Raitt at the Christic Benefit in 1990. One disc collects duets with Kathy Mattea, Clarence Clemons, Jann Arden, Keb'Mo, Joan Baez, Jewel, Lyle Lovett and Graham Nash. Excellent sound.

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