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THE '60s

Meets Buffalo Springfield & The Squires [Unreleased demos from 1963-1966]

Sunset Cowboy [Live at Fillmore East Sept 1969]

Big Sur Folk Festival: Sept '69 [2CD with CSN&Y live at Big Sur, California, Sept 13-14 1969]

Old Cop [with CSN&Y, live at Big Sur, Sept 13-14 '69 + one track LA Forum, June 28 1970]

THE '70s

Wooden Nickel [with CSNY - undated]

Acoustic Token [Live in Cincinnati, Feb 10 1970]

Electric Prayers [stated as live in Cleveland, Feb 24 1970]

The Loner [2CD Live in Cincinnati, Feb 10 '70 + nine from Denver in 1970 (Acoustic Token + Electric Prayer?)]

Winterlong [2CD Live in Cincinnati, Feb 10 '70]

Tribute To Neil Young [2CD with CSN&Y, live at Fillmore East, NY, June 3 1970 + '65 demos, Buffalo Springfield demos and four Buffalo Springfield tracks from Monterey Pop fest '67 (no Young)]

Broken Arrow [BBC sessions Feb 22 1971 and acetates from Tonight's The Night '75]


Don't Be Denied [Live in JFK Centre, Washington, Jan 28 1973 and Virginia Jan 29 + seven from Bakersfield, Mar 20 1973]

Last Album [2CD Live at Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, Mar 20 1973 + five from Bayfront Centre, Florida, Feb 3 '73 and six from Buffalo, New York, Jan 14 '73]

Roxy Night [Live at Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, Sept 21 1973]

Sunset Strip [Live at Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, Sept 22 1973 + six from Seattle, Mar 7 '73]

Tonight's Your Night [Live in Palace Theatre, Manchester (not Florida as stated), Nov 3 1973]

Citizen Kane Junior Blues [Live at the Bottom Line, New York, May 16 1974]

The Most Complete 1974 Tour Anthology [4CD with CSN&Y, live in Seattle, July 9 1974 + nine from Roosevelt Raceway Sept 8, three from Kansas July 19, one from Oakland July 14 and three from Wembley Stadium, London Sept 14]

Roosevelt Raceway [3CD with CSN&Y at Westbury, Long Island, Sept 8 1974]


Bob Dylan & Neil Young In Concert 1975 [Snack Benefit radio show 1975]

Osaka [Live in Osaka, Japan, Mar 5 1976]

Yesteryear of The Horse [Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Mar 10 1976 + three from Hammersmith Odeon, London, Mar 29 and 31 '76, a rehearsal in California '72 and more.]

Shine At Budokan [2CD Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Mar 11 1976 + four from Eppleheim, Germany, Mar 18 1976 and two from Offenbach, Germany, Mar 19 '76 and two from Scotland, Apr 2 '76]

Ruby In The Dust [Live at Pavillion, Paris, Mar 23 1976]

Guilty Train [2CD Live at Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Nov 15 1976 + 12 from Boston (late show), Nov 22 '76]

Sometime In New York City [2CD Live at Palladium, New York, Nov 20 1976 + seven from Koln, Germany Mar 20 1976 and one from Hamburg, Mar 21 1976]

Afternoon Radio [Live at Boston Music Hall, Nov 22 1976 + five from Universal Studios, Los Angeles 1994?]

Journey Through The Past [3CD live at Boston Music Hall Nov 22 1976. Contains both the early and late show]

Chrome Dreams [Acetate from unreleased sessions Mar 16 '1977 + live tracks]

THE '80s

Down By The River [2CD Live in New Orleans, Sept 27 1984]

Old Ways [Studio sessions at the Castle, Nashville, Apr 20- July 1 1985.]

Live On The River [Live in the US, Sept 10 1985 + in Canada, Sept 11 1984]

All Night Long [Live in Europe, 1986 + six from Bottom Line, NY, May 16 1974]

Times Square [from the unreleased Times Square LP 1988 + three from Sept '89. Rockin' In The Free World period]

Life In The City [Live in US, Jan-Feb 1989]

Crime In The City [Live in Frankfurt, Germany, Dec 7 1989]

THE '90s

Restless [Live in Jones Beach, New York, 1990]

Early Harvest [2CD Live in Seattle, Jan 20 1992]

Back To My Roots [Live at the Ed Sullivan Theatre, Dec 1992]

A Transformer Man [2CD Live in Germany, June 26 1993 + four from Farm Aid VI Apr 24 1993 and four from Universal Studios, Feb 7 1993 and two from Madison Square Gardens, NY, Oct 16 1992]

World On A String [Live at World Theatre in Chicago, Aug 15 1993]


Frisco [Live in San Francisco, Bridge Benefit, Oct 1 1994]

The Second Night With The Echoes [2CD Live at Princeton, California, Mar 19 1996]

The Last Night With The Echoes [2CD, Live at Princeton, Mar 21 1996]

The Year After The Horse [Live in Europe, summer '96. The real soundtrack for the movie, Year of the Horse]

From The Horde To The Bridge [2CD Live at Fiddler's Green, California, July 20 1997 + Bridge Benefit Concert Oct 19 1997 and more]

Down By The River [2CD Live at the Paramount Theatre, Oakland, Mar 20 1999 + seven from Seattle, Mar 5 '99]

THE 2000s

EuroTour 2001 Finale [3CDs Live at Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, July 24 2001 + four at Ahoy, June 21 2001]



Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy: A Life On The Road 1966-1994 [4CD live through the years]

The Ultimate Showdown Of Rarities [2CD live from 1986 - '94]

Touch The Clouds [Live, studio and rehearsals from 1967-'84]

The Rare & Unreleased Collection [Live from 1976-1992]

Ragged But Right [live from 1973-1990, includes six rehearsals with Crazy Horse from '90]

Love Art Blues [live from 1970-1990]

Hard To Find: Rarities On Compact Disc [Westwood One radio show of hard to find official releases, mostly 1970-1974. Of the 20 tracks, only four are live]

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