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THE '60s

– The Decca Years [WPOCM] Live, radio sessions from 1963-69

– Crackin' Up [Back Trax] Live in London, 1964-65

– Bright Lights Big City [Swingin' Pig] IBC Studios Jan 28-Feb 2 1963 + 3 live '65

– Bright Lights Big City [Dandelion 2CD] Live 1963 to 1966

– Get Satisfaction If You Want [Swingin' Pig] Best of BBC 1963-65

Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb [Invasion Unlimited 2CD] BBC sessions 1963-65

– Raw Power [Blue Moon] Live 1964-'65

– Liver Than You'll Ever Be [Living Legend] Live Ed Sullivan Shows in US 1964-66

Their Satanic Majesties Request [remastered] [Torn And Frayed, 1 CD]

– More Rock 'n' Roll Circus [Living Legend] Circus tracks from 1968 + two versions of Cocksucker Blues + more


– Stones In The Park [Double Time] Live Hyde Park, London, July 5 1969

– Secret Garden [Oil Well] Live Oakland Coliseum, Nov 9, 1969 - first show

– Revolution Sixty-Nine [Great Dane] Live Oakland Coliseum, Nov 9, 1969 - second show

Live R Than You'll Ever Be [Turd On The Run] Live Oakland Coliseum, Nov 9, 1969 - second show

– San Diego '69 [Swingin' Pig] Live San Diego, Nov 10 1969

MSG '69 [Torn & Frayed CD-R] Live Madison Square Garden Nov 27, 1969

– Get Your Ya-Yas Out [Apple Promo] Acetate of the official Get Your Ya-Yas album, Nov 1969

– There's No Angel Born In Hell [Swingin' Pig] Live Madison Square Garden Nov 1969 + 4 from Altamont, Dec 6 1969.

– The Trident Mixes [Living Legend] Outtakes with Mick Taylor 1969

– The ABCKO Masters [Conquer] Brian Jones sessions from 1968 + sessions from 72

THE '70s

Acetates [Midnight Beat] Mono and different mixes of tracks for Goats Head Soup, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, 1970-1974

Get Your Leeds Lungs Out - Revisited [Swingin' Pig] Live Leeds University, England, Mar 13 1971

At The Marquee Club [Swingin' Pig] Private gig Mar 26 1971, England

– Beggars' Breakfast [Invasion Unlimited] Early mixes of Let It Bleed, Exile sessions

RSVP [Cool Blokes] Alternates and outtakes from Beggars Banquet

– Beggars Banquet Outtakes [Sister Morphine] Alternates & outtakes arranged as the album

Tricky Fingers & Slicky Ringers [Luna] The Sticky Fingers sessions 1971

Itchy Fingers [Invasion Unlimited] Outtakes from Let It Bleed/ Sticky Fingers 1969-70

Tropical Disease [Midnight Beat] Exile On Main Street demos

Philadelphia Special II [Swingin' Pig 2CD] Live Philadelphia, Ft Worth & Houston 1972

Headin' For An Overload [Totonka 2CD] Live in USA, June-July 1972. These are two King Biscuit radio shows.

– Happy Birthday Mick! [Montserrat] Live Madison Square Garden, July 24 1972 + 2 from July 25 '72.

– Jumping Jack Flash [Oil Well] Live Madison Square Garden, July 24 1972 in different running order to Happy Birthday Mick! and no bonus tracks

Lonely At The Top [Swingin' Pig] Sessions recorded in Munich, Nassau and Paris, 1973 to 1979

– Lonely At The Top [Dandelion] Sessions recorded in Munich, Nassau and Paris, 1973 to 1979. Same as above.

– Nicaraguan Earthquake Benefit [Torn & Frayed 2CD] Live LA Forum, Jan 18 1973

Happy Birthday Nicky [Oh Boy 2CD] Live Perth, Australia, Feb 24 1973

– The Stars In The Sky They Never Lie [Midnight Beat] Live Munich, Hamburg,

Essen, Frankfurt, Brussels Sept 28 to Oct 17 1973. All soundboard.

Birmingham Odeon [Oh Boy] Live Sept 19 1973

Brussels Affair [Chamelion] Live Brussels, Oct 17 1973

Rockin' At The Forum [Big Music 2CD] Live LA Forum, July 13 1975

– Sexual Healing [Off The Record 2CD] CD 1 is Live At Earl's Court, May 23 1976. CD 2 is Live at Capitol Centre Dec 9, 1981.

– Black And Blue Tour 1976 [Living Legend] No dates or venues given

– The Best Of Knebworth Fair [Midnight Beat] Live Knebworth, UK, Aug 21 1976

Paris Outtakes Vol 1 + 2 [Vigotone 2CD] Some Girls essions from 1976

– Out On Bail [Swingin' Pig 2CD] Live Capitol Theatre, New Jersey, June 14 1978

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others [Home] Complete show from Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, June 28, 1978

Twenty Flight Rock [Glimmerpub 2CD] Live Hampton Coliseum, Virginia, 1978

– Back In The USA [Beautiful Buzz] Outtakes recorded in US 1978

THE '80s

Chainsaw: Undercover Outtakes Vol II [Rabbit] Sessions from Nov-Dec 1982 for Undercover album

– The King Biscuit Flower Hour [no label] Live Sept 27 1987. No venue given

THE '90s

– Sparks Will Fly [KTS] Live Giants Stadium New Jersey, Aug 14 1994

Eastern Promise [KTS 2CD] Live Tokyo Dome, Japan, Mar 12 1995

Voodoo Edo '95 [Sister Morphine 2CD] Live Tokyo Dome, Japan, Mar 12 1995

– More Stripped [KTS] Live in 1995 + 7 unreleased outtakes & alternates

Stripped Companion [RSTS] Six tracks from Toshiba Studios, Tokyo Mar 3-5 1995, Voodoo Lounge sessions and Euro tour May-July 1995

Closer Than Close [Sister Morphine] Rehearsals Sept 15 1997 in Toronto

– Out There In Babylon [Dandelion] Live on MTV 10 Spot, at Capitol Theatre, Oct 25 1997

– St Louis [Dandelion 2CD] Live St Louis, USA, Dec 12 1997. This is the stereo-gold edition.

Rockin' The House Down In Bremen [Sister Morphine 2CD] Live Bremen, Sept 9 1998

Gimme All Your Money [Sister Morphine 2CD] Live Oakland, opening night Jan 25 1999

THE 2000s

The Show Before SARS [2CD] Madison Square Garden, New York, Jan 18, 2003. Live HBO broadcast. The Stones moved on to their Asian leg of the World Tour before being stopped from performing in Hongkong, China and Bangkok due to the SARS virus.

Live At The Budokan Hall [2CD] Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, 2003.03.10, includes four rehearsal tracks

Before They Slip Away [2CD], Yokohama, Japan, 2003.03.12

Licks Japan Final [2CD] Osaka, Japan, 2003.03.21



– The Unreleased Tracks Vol 1 Schoolboy Blues [Living Legend 2CD] Studio recordings from 1963-70

– The Unreleased Tracks Vol 2 Brian's Blues [Living Legend 2CD] Studio recordings from 1964-70

Time Trip Vol 1-4 [Gold Standard 4CD] Outtakes, sessions from 1969-73

Have You Heard The Outtakes, Baby, Recorded In The Shadow? [Invasion Unlimited] Unreleased studio sessions 1965-67

– The Allen Klein Collection [Midnight Beat] Alternative Metamorphosis album + outtakes

Acoustic Motherfuckers [Kobra] Alternates from 69 - 72

– The Creme of The Hot Stuff [Burlesque] Live and outtakes from '60s & '70s

– On The Needle #2 [Black n Blue] Rarities collection '60s and '70s

– From Now To Then [Blue Moon] Live shows from 1965 to 1994 includes 4 tracks live in Newcastle Sept 13 1973 + Top of The Pops performance 67-69

Static In The Attic [Midnight Beat] Alternates recorded at Pate Marconi,

– Paris Jan-Mar 78, Musicland Munchen, Dec 7-15 1974 and Compass Point, Nassau Jan-Feb 1979

Mixed Pickles [Outlaw] Mixes, demos & rarities, mostly '80s & '90s

– Sympathy For The Record Collector Pt 2 [Rarities on Compact Disc] Taken from a Westwood One radio show. Official mixes and rarities from '90s. Plus Cocksucker Blues


Black Box [Yellow Dog 4CD] Rarities from the '60s

– The Complete Woodstock Tapes [Red Devil 4CD] - Rehearsals at Bearsville Studio May 1978

Handsome Girls [Dandelion 4CD] Live Will Rogers Memorial, Ft Worth Texas, July 18 1978 + Memphis, Tennessee June 28 1978

Voodoo Brew [Vigotone 4CD] Outtakes from Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Stew [Vigotone 4CD] More outtakes from Voodoo Lounge

REMIXED ALBUMS [unofficial]

– No Stone Unturned [abkco] A copy of original No Stone Unturned plus 14 bonus tracks

– Only When It's Frozen [Torn & Frayed 2CD] Aftermath + Presented In Stereo

Could You Walk On Water? [2CD-R] Aftermath and "true wide" stereo tracks

– Satanic Majesties [Torn & Frayed] remixed by Mickboy

– Get What You Need [Torn & Frayed] Let It Bleed + extras

– Main Street Revisited [Torn & Frayed 2CD] Exile + extras

– Dancing So Free [Torn & Frayed] Goats Head Soup + extras

– Short & Curlies [Torn & Frayed 2CD] It's Only Rock & Roll + extras

– From Rags To Excess [Torn & Frayed 2CD] Black & Blue + extras


– Nature Of My Game [no label] Mick's unreleased solo blues album, May 1992

– The Famous Blues Sessions [Rabbit] Mick's unreleased solo blues album, May 1992

– Mean Ol' World [Torn & Frayed] Mick's unreleased solo blues album, May 1992

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