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Plays Stan Brakhage [no label 1CD]

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Here are four improvisations by noisemakers Sonic Youth, who are in their fifties by the way, in front of a screen showing short films by the late Stan Brakhage. While Brakhage's work is considered avant garde, his experiments with movement, rhythm, making films without a camera and a non-narrative flow in film is said to have had a profound influence on MTV-styled videos and the works of film directors like Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, and Oliver Stone.

These were the films that Sonic Youth improvised to:

* Scenes from Under Childhood: Section 1 (1967) 25 min

* Garden of Earthy Delights (1981) 2.5 min

* The Dead (1960) 11 min

* The Wonder Ring (1955) 4 min

* Dog Star Man, Part II (1960) 6 min

* Birds of Paradise (1999) 3 min

* Cat's Cradle (1959) 6 min

If you want to listen to this CD and watch the above shorts, you can buy a copy of the 2 DVD set By Brakhage: Anthology on Criterion. It collects 26 of his works. Most of Brakhage's films are soundless.

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Sonic Youth live at Stan Brakhage Memorial,
Anthology Film Archives, in New York, on Apr 12 2003.

These tracks are no longer available for download.

Track 01 introduction [3:58] (5.5MB)
Track 02 improvisation [24:15] (34.1MB)
Track 03 improvisation [16:42] (23.4MB)
Track 04 improvisation/outro [26:02] (36.6MB)
  total time: 71 mins  

Live improvised instrumental score with films of Stan Brakhage. The above show was recorded using core sound binural mics onto a DAT deck.

CSB > D8 > Sony POC-DA12MP > HHB 830 > CD-R

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