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THE '60s

1969-1970 - Laughing In The Wind Vol 1 [Gold Standard] vocal + guitar solo sessions

1969-1976 - Naked In The Jungle Vol 2 [Gold Standard] vocal + guitar solo sessions

1969-1970 - Gets His Chance To Wail [No Label] vocal + guitar solo sessions 1968-1976 - No Stone Unturned [Head] vocal + guitar solo sessions, only four tracks here are not duplicated from the three volume Gold Standard release

THE '70s

Apr 26 1970 - Rocks His Gypsy Soul Vol 3 [Gold Standard] 12 tracks live at Fillmore West + demos '64-'65 and live 1973

Sept 5 1971 - The Inner Mystic [Oh Boy 2CD] Live at Pacific High Studios, California

Van Morrison - 71.Sep.5 Pacific High Rec. Studios, SF (highest quality source 1999) 17tracks [2CD] upgrade of Inner Mystic

Van Morrison - 73.Feb.15 "The Lion Roars" Lion's Share, San Anselmo(E&L) 10+10tracks(last song edit) 2CDR

May 26 1973 - It Ain't Why It Just Is [Big Music] Live at the LA Troubadour + four tracks live 1974


May 26 1973 - Wild Night [Oil Well] Same as above.

Van Morrison - 73.May. "A Spawn Of The Dublin Pubs" 8tracks 1CDR

World Tour 1973 - It's Never Too Late [Dynamite Studio] 1973 tour with The Caledonia Soul Orchestra. Taken from Acetates. Some tracks later appeared on official live album It's Too Late To Stop Now.

Van Morrison - Over The Rainbow [1CD] 10 tracks live at the Rainbow, London, July 27 1973 + 6 from 1968. Rainbow show in very good quality.

June 30 1974 - Pure [Living Legends] Live Montreux Switzerland, with Chet Baker on one track recorded in 1978?

Van Morrison - Winterland 1974 [1CD] Live at Winterland, Feb 2 1974.

Van Morrison - Live At The Orphanage [1CD] Live in San Francisco, July 29 1974 + 3 from 1973 + 3 outtakes.

May 15 1978 - Gospels For The Ocean [Lobster] Live Bottom Line, New York

Van Morrison - Mojo At The Roxy [2CD] live at the Roxy, LA, Nov 26 1978.

THE '80s


Apr 4 1982 - Live In Essen [Golden Stars] Live Essen, Germany

Apr 4 1982 - Can You Feel The Silence [Pluto] same as above

Mar 17 1985 - St Patrick's Day [Beech Marten 2CD] Live Berkeley, California

Feb 28 1987 - Listen To The Lion [Three Cool Cats] Live in Copenhagen. Van Morrison plays with Denmark's Radio Big Band + two live from Oct 15 1986.

THE '90s

Jan 17 1990 - The Church of Our Lady St Mary [KTS] Live audience recording of a concert at a wedding

July 1990 - Live in Montreux [Swingin' Pig] Live Switzerland with Georgie Fame

1991 - Pagan Streams [Big Music 2CD] Live in Europe

August 1995 - Edinburgh Castle [KTS] Live at Edinburgh Jazz Festival with the BBC Orchestra

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