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Arvo Part - A Portrait (Part VIII) [click here]

Rory Gallagher - Tokyo 1977 [click here]

Rebekka Bakken - Frankfurt 20313 [click here]

Bruce Springsteen - Milwaukee 1975 [click here]

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra - Glasgow 2012 [click here]

Flying Burrito Brothers - Seattle Pop Festival 1969 [click here]

Eric Clapton - Austin 2013 [click here]

John Zorn's Bladerunner - London 2000 [click here]

Yes - In The Beginning [click here]

Thin Lizzy - London 1981 [click here]

Kevin Ayers & The Wizards Of Twiddly - Solingen 1995 [click here]

CCR - Fillmore West Closing Night 1971 [click here]

Velvet Underground - Everything You've Heard About [click here]

Paul Anka - Paris 2006 [click here]

Budgie - Milwaukee 1978 [click here]

Jaco Pastorius - Tokyo 1983 [click here]

Blue Oyster Cult - Providence 1974 [click here]

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