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As mentioned in their recent interview, this EP reflects the band's desire to return to their roots of ‘80s British hardcore-punk, of the likes of Chaos UK, GBH and Discharge. It also represents the various changes, over time, in the OP sound.

Hack N Slash has an Impending Death kind of sound, featuring the fast riffs of Francis Frightful and Danny, coupled with the splendid rhythm section of Kazz on bass and Ray's furious double pedalling. Here, OP's fusion of speed metal with hardcore-punk pounds your ears with an intensity that is rather satisfying.

The next song, Rapture Of Hypocrisy, seems to be somewhat transitionary. While it may lean towards the metallic edge that has been a feature in more recent Opposition Party's songs, it also contains more hardcore elements.

Zombie and Point Of No Return represent OP's roots. Unmistakably in the vein of ‘80s British hardcore-punk, the songs, recorded live, also show the band’s ability to revisit their roots with little trouble. The live tracks, however, have some awkward moments that were perhaps accidentally left in.

But Baka Uta makes up for whatever disappointments (if any) found on this CD. This track is OP's foray into J-Punk. But this isn't some Luna Sea song, but rather, the influences come from the Japanese underground scene, not commonly talked about in Singapore. Here, Lee's wicked vocals are impressive. And like all the songs on the album, the intensity is unrelenting.

Overall, the songs are slick, yet filled with the raw energy that OP have been famous for. Recorded at the Green Room, the EP's sound matches the clean professionalism of the CD sleeve. (8.5) — Tan Weiming

Note: The lineup for the first four tracks is Francis, Danny, Kazz and Ray Aziz. Baka Uta is played by Francis, Lee, Kazz and Ray. Lee is currently the guitarist for the band and does vocal duties occasionally, as seen with Baka Uta.

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