Myx Metal Assault 2 [Fierce Rabbit Records]


When I first received the CD, I couldn't help but notice the different CD sleeve colour as compared to the first Myx Metal Assault compilation. Whilst the first was a shade of dark purple, the new one is a fiery red. This of course, has its significance. The first Myx Metal Assault compilation, consisted of bands that played various styles of gloomy black and death metal, with the exception of Manifest that, even then, played very heavy thrash metal.

The second Myx Metal Assault CD, on the other hand, consists of bands that are much less influenced by the gloom and doom found on the first installation of the compilation. So you would expect to find a much greater variety of styles on this CD.

Global Chaos is one such band that combines a variety of styles. The band has, in recent times, developed from a pure death and thrash metal band to one that has its sound additionally influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Enya, Misfits and Beethoven just to name a few. Global Chaos, however, is probably the oldest band in the compilation, the rest are formed in the late 90s.

If you have been following the gigs throughout Singapore, you would probably be familiar with One Man Down. This rap metal band, that draws its sound from Rage Against the Machine and Korn, is hugely popular at most of the gigs they play at. The most interesting thing about this band is the experimentation done of by the two guitarists. Similar to RATM, the effects are created solely by the guitars.

The SPCA may well want to hire Meltgsnow as their official band. Their song, Brute's Ire is a metal music assault on animal abusers. The band's name, that roughly means purifying one's self of vices and then to find one's own spiritual truth, hints to why the band is so socially aware of the problems in society today.

If there is any band that you neighbours will complain about when you listen to this compilation, it has got to be Deviant. By far the heaviest band, that draws its influences from early day Machine Head, the band's simple yet powerful music is a great listen.

Closing the compilation, with their second song on the disc, is Sucumucus. The band fuses various metal styles from a bit of rap, to progressive metal, to thrash metal.

The Myx Metal Assault compilation has set its sights on promoting Singapore music, hopefully there will be more to come. - Tan Weiming

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