Bollocks To You [Mohegan Records]


Objection Overule, armed with their debut album Bollocks To You, serve up one of the best Singapore punk rock ever heard here. Comprising of 18 catchy ska-punk tunes, the bands style will probably remind you of a mix of Bad Religion, Clash and definitely, Rancid.

This foursome is punk to the core. True to punk ethics, their CD is out on their own DIY label Mohegan Records. Objection Overule's music is simple and catchy, often slipping from ska jangles to fast paced barrage of distorted guitars and smashing rhythm section. But these guys are more then just Rancid or Bad Religion rip offs. Their very own brand of socially critical punk rock is filled with very Singaporean issues. 'We are living in this crazy world/ That smashed our dreams with all your hypnotic words/ Memorizing all this sickening textbooks' sung out in angst by vocalist/guitarist Adam Meatball on the opening track is just one example.

These guys aren't afraid of touching politics either. 'You manipulate the majority/ Closing up the doors/ Latched them with devious lies...Give us the chance to make a choice! Give us the freedom to voice our voice!' is found on their song Jailed.

But if punk rock were all about serious anti-society stuff, then there would be no more fun in it. Thank goodness Objection Overule haven't forgotten that. My personal favourite track is Huh? With a great chorus that simply goes 'Get a hold of someone's arm/ Play Guitar and sing my song' accompanied by the energy of punk rock.

Youth & Restless is another great track. It is a blistering punk rock song that embodies the punk energy that never slows down. Here Adam sings of the desire to be free from the restrictions placed on Singapore's overly sheltered youth.

'Oh Daddy please come on home...' seems to be a yearning of sorts in Objection Overule's only acoustic track, Dad & I. This song just goes to show that Objection Overule can do more then just writing punk rock songs. But before you start to tear, if you are a punk then 'Lend us the ears of yours and walk our way.' - Tan Weiming

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