Sounds Like Left [PlanetMG]


Here's more evidence that quality dance music can and will surface from Singapore. Offered here are acts from the Asia-Pacific region (to be more specific Singapore and Australia) which provide a cross-examination of the state of dance music today.

Sliding in on the opening cut is none other than the executive producer of the whole compilation , Paul T. To serve as an appetiser he showcases his own technical prowess as an electronic musician who understands his machines well enough to churn material day in and day out. This is highlighted in his ability to constantly provide a transition in melodies on the opening track.

He then tries his hand at drum ‘n’ bass on the next track attempting to conscientiously plaster together melodies. The track could be groovier. Meanwhile Livewire, a Melbourne-based producer, shows how it’s done with a driving soulful drum ‘n’ bass track which stays relevant to the genre, namely due to the presence of the a lyricist and a more minimal yet effective groove.

Another homegrown veteran electronic musician featured is Jason Tan who draws influences from synth-pop textures and creates a blissfully engaging house track that will easily rival his foreign counterparts and yet retain its own identity. The other house track on the compilation comes via Australian act Mimesis, whose music seems uninspired.

Elsewhere another pioneering local talent, Case showcases his newfound interest in challenging the body with his pounding minimal techno techniques. New kid on the block Skroolose, otherwise known as Don Richmond, picks up samples from here, there and everywhere to piece together a rather bouncy jump-up and feel good drum and bass tune that serves better on a dancefloor as compared to a bedroom. (7) — Vijay Singh

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