Waiting For The Moon [Beggars Banquet Records]


The elegant sweep of the strings, the melancholic piano and Stuart Staples' muffled baritone are what we live for with each Tindersticks album. Waiting For The Moon, their sixth studio album, is no less romantic, miserable and beautiful. Yet there is an innate violence. If you ever wondered why the Tindersticks were chosen for Claire Denis' brutal film, Trouble Every Day, then check out the opening line for the ironic lullaby, Until The Morning Comes: "My hands 'round your throat/If I kill you now, well, they'll never know." Or the paranoid rush of Say Goodbye To The City and the spoken fury of 4.48 Psychosis.

But there is also a tender sweetness. Sweet Memory, My Oblivion, Trying To Find A Home and Sometimes It Hurts (a duet with Mexican/American jazz singer Lhasa De Sela) all ache with sensitivity. A bar room rock band which loves strings, songs which can be angry and sad; these are the contrasts that colour the painterly world of the Tindersticks - daylight giving way to moonlight. - Philip Cheah

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