Allergy (Sonic Wave)


With hardcore bands spreading like mushrooms after the rain, this question always comes to mind: can these guys play? Well, the answer is yes, not only do they play but they deliver as well. (Still, it must be mentioned that they cannot play any lead guitar worth mentioning, speaking as a big fan of metal solos.) That aside, they have come up with some cool and heavy downtuned riffs. Eight tracks of dirty pulsating riff-raff machinery metallic hardcore at it best!

Sinner opens the doors to some vicious sounds of punk and HC laced with unique metallic icing. 7301, Akar and Two Face continue the onslaught that will guarantee to leave the guys in the moshpits begging for more. Hibakusha and Allergy respectively close this piece of silver hard-hitting metallic hybrid. And I can see Mimi of Stompin' Ground, the Granddaddy of Singaporean HC, grinning from ear to ear. — Adam Md Yusop

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Note: The above was published in BigO #200 (August 2002).
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