A New Music Night And Day
Unreleased Works For LOW Album / @2CD-RT / SBD-9.25

Back in 1990, while Bowie was remastering his back catalog for reissue, he mentioned the fact that there was some 70 hours of unreleased material in the vault, all dating from his years in Berlin at the end of the 1970s, experimenting ruthlessly with both Brian Eno and his audience’s expectations. With but a handful of remixed bonus tracks, however, not a drop of this hoard has ever made it out into public, and though the title of this collection might suggest otherwise… it still hasn’t.

A New Music Night And Day was Bowie’s original title for what became Low. But though a handful of titles here are familiar from Low itself, the remainder will only require introduction if you’ve managed to avoid subsequent Bowie albums Heroes, Buddah Of Suburbia and (Heaven help us) Black Tie White Noise. In other words, it’s precisely the same compilation of Bowie instrumentals that any fan could have knocked up in some spare time, with even the inclusion of tempting "Take 1… 2… 3" type numbers after a few of the titles being quickly revealed as nothing more than a spurious attempt to convince us there’s something new… exciting… unheard here. But there isn’t, so buy the original albums yourself. - Dave Thompson

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