Brain Damage [The Swingin' Pig]

Live Wembley, London, Nov 16, 1974. The famous Winter Tour. Does not include Wish You Were Here preview tracks.

A monumental show, most familiar from its BBC radio airing, and presented here in remarkable stereo - the special effects truly leap out of the speakers at you and, if it’s a post-release Dark Side Of The Moon show that you’re after, Brain Damage wipes the floor with almost everything out there. Of course, we’re also at the stage where every performance of the album was more-or-less identical, both to one another and to the original LP itself, and Floyd purists will probably want to seek out earlier (1972) performances first. But still there’s enough live and energy in this rendition to satisfy most requirements.

Unfortunately, the package contains only the Dark Side portion of the set, leaving the remainder of the show (including the first taste of sundry new numbers) to other releases. Fortunately, there’re a lot of them out there! - Dave Thompson

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