Money [Flashback 2CD]

Live Wembley, London, Nov 16, 1974. The famous Winter Tour where Wish You Were Here was previewed with bits of Animals. This is audience recording with the Wish You Were Here segment.

With a career that is now approaching its 40th anniversary, there are sufficient legends in Pink Floyd’s arsenal to fill a book. Few, however, can touch the infamous Winter 74 affair, when a world that was impatiently awaiting the follow-up to Dark Side Of The Moon was instead duped into picking up a glossily packaged and nice-sounding bootleg, taped on their most recent tour, and devoted in its entirety to the three new songs previewed on that outing: "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," " Raving And Drooling" and "You Gotta be Crazy."

The resultant confusion not only pressured Floyd themselves into releasing their intended next album, Wish You Were Here, some months before they intended; it also encouraged them not to record two of the songs (the latter pair) planned for the disc. Both, retitled, would become the cornerstones of 1977’s Animals, of course, which renders the "original" performances little more than demos - and collectors items par excellence.

Expanding now on that original vinyl release, Money preserves Winter 74 across its first disc, while disc two delivers a rudely condensed Dark Side Of The Moon, before stretching out over a glorious Echoes. - Dave Thompson

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