Staying Home To Watch The Rain [Great Dane 2CD]

Live Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, Sept 22 1972 Audience

Live versions of Dark Side Of The Moon are more-or-less 10 a penny these days, all the more so after the Waters-less band took to recounting the album in its entirety at their own shows. Returning to the days before it became the Biggest Selling Etc Etc, however, is always a worthwhile endeavor, not only because audiences are, for the most part, sitting quietly (or, at least, not going "whoooo!" over every intro), but also because the songs themselves were still not set in stone.

The best version, if you can live with the sound quality, hails from the Brighton, England show. But this Hollywood Bowl recounting comes a close second, all the more so since, as audience recordings go, it’s remarkably pure. It is also highlighted, across Disc Two, by the obligatory "greatest hits" set which, in 1972, meant lengthy excursions through "One Of These Days, "Echoes" and "Careful With That Axe, Eugene." In other words, it’s Floyd at what was arguably their live peak. - Dave Thompson

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