Ultimate Disco Collection [Ladybird LB-010 1CD]
This is a fan club recording. Tracks are taken from acetates or fan tapes. Rare compilation of extended-play-songs and different remixes. Ex SBD stereo.

The anticipation for this is probably stronger than its actual contents, as dreams of a disc's worth of contemporary disco remixes and pre-releases are instead steamrollered aside for a more contemporary gathering of odds and sods, beginning with that less-than-gripping 1993 Megamix (and its Hidden Mix twin), the over-production of "When He's Gone" and "Fallen Angel," and the extended and dub mixes of "Paying The Price Of Love."

Of course it's an entertaining collection for all that. The twelve minute remix of "Decadence" has a quirky menace that cannot be matched, and it's hard to object to the 12-inch extensions of "Staying Alive," "Night Fever," "You Should Be Dancing" and "More Than A Woman," even if the latter offer little more than a few extra bars of chunka-chunka rhythms. There's also a solid shot of Grease°©-ridden nostalgia to be drawn from the "Dream Mix," although three-and-a-half-minutes is scarcely sufficient to pack everything in. (And do we really need to hear "Sandy" with a disco beat?)

There is still a yawning void lurking where a serious appreciation of the Bee Gees' late 1970s should be sitting, one that rounds up all the covers, all the remixes, the original discomix that promoted a late 70s hits collection, the N-Trance remake, the lot. This, unfortunately, isn't it. - Dave Thompson

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November 9, 2007