Dub 12 Inches and other Dub Jems

The sound quality comes and goes and, it must be admitted, few of Marley’s dubs ever really pursued the musical heights that the best of his contemporaries routinely attained. But, in rounding up some of the rarest Jamaica-only b-sides and 12-inchers, Dub Jems at least fills the yawning void that Tuff Gong’s own official release policy seems hellbent on avoiding.

The key rarity here would appear to be the "I Know" dub, rarely sighted any place outside of the occasional high-ticket auction. The Dellicks dubs of Uprising, too, are in heavy demand although, listening through them, it’s difficult to see why… they’re not that good. Indeed, that may actually be the reason why the Marley estate has yet to bother itself with digging out all the dubplates. Marley’s talent was for words and melodies, qualities that the best dubs really don’t care too highly about. Strip them away, and what’s left? - Dave Thompson

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October 26, 2007