Hunky Dory Sessions [no label 1CD]
various outtakes from 1968-74

Still don't know what I was waiting for… but it probably wasn't this. Thirteen tracks serve up one more go round the block for the same clutch of out-takes and offcuts that have proven the meat and potatoes of every period Bowie collection of the past 35 years - and all in such grubby sound quality that it's hard to believe the digital revolution has ever heard of remastering.

"London Bye Ta Ta," "Bombers" (playing a tad faster than it ought to), "Ching A Ling," "How Lucky You Are," "Rupert The Riley," "Tired Of My Life," "Looking For A Friend," demos of "Changes" (with "The Pushbike Song" obviously a major rhythmic influence) and "Kooks," that semi-fascinating "Queen Bitch" where the familiar lyrics aren't quite in place, and all wrapping up with the Young Americans era "Who Can I Be Now" and "It's Gonna Be Me."

So nothing to get excited about, nothing to sit and drool over… nothing, in fact, that most Bowie collectors won't already have in such abundance that you're almost sick of hearing them. The gnome is still laughing. - Dave Thompson

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August 17, 2007