Myths, Masks & Make-Up [Justintimeforsunrise 1CD demonoid 1208886]
Fan compilation (?) of demos, alternate takes, TV shows from late '60s. Mostly VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo

And it's once more around the block for some very dear old friends of ours. "Lightning Frightening," "Little Toy Soldier," "Looking For A Friend," "Rupert The Riley," "Tired Of My Life," "Shadow Man," the demos for "Supermen," "Amsterdam," "Bombers," "Kooks," "Changes," and "Lady Stardust," an alternate vocal for "Eight Line Poem," an all-but inaudible TV performance of "My Death,"… the big band version of "How Lucky We Are" is probably the most unusual inclusion here, and it's handy to have Peter Noone's "Right On Mother" tacked on near the end. But the days when you could pick up a Bowie ROIO and expect to find at least one surprise seem to be long gone. The surprise now is that people are still putting them out. - Dave Thompson

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November 2, 2007