Moonlight Demos [no label 1CD]
Studio sessions 1973 for Selling England By The Pound. Ex FM stereo.

Ever got the feeling you’ve been had? Certainly Moonlight Demos opens with what appears to be a genuine out-take from the Selling England By The Pound sessions, a two-minute fade from "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight," layered with some hitherto unheard (and presumably authentic) overdubs.

But from thereon in, we slip into a ragbag of odds and oddities, including three performances ("Happy The Man," "Only Your Love" and "Silver Song") that appear, in identical form, on the same label’s Nursery Cryme demos disc. Three further tracks, "Master Of Time," "The Reaper" and "A Child’s Song," are solo Anthony Phillips recordings, dating from around the time of his departure (and readily available on his own official releases), while "For Present Friends" is actually Phillips’ "Fields of Eternity," from the first Private Parts and Pieces collection.

The regular album version of "After The Ordeal" continues the album’s instrumental flavor, without offering us anything whatsoever to get excited about, while what claims on the artwork to be a 21 minute version of "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" is, surprise surprise, simply a reprise of the same little snatch that opened the disc.

So, it’s an absolute travesty of a disc, one to avoid under pretty much every circumstance you could name. - Dave Thompson

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September 7, 2007