Twickenham July 8, 2007 [no label, 1CD]

Thirty years on from the last meaningful noise that Genesis ever made, it's still difficult to feign absolute disinterest in the core trio's subsequent activities. Not, one hastens to add, to the point of joining the queue for tickets for the reunion tour, but this excellent quality FM broadcast nevertheless makes a lovely guilty pleasure for those moments when the Gabriel v Collins debate ignites again.

Not that Phil seems interested in making a claim for himself. All tour long, a hits-heavy set list that must have delighted the assembled hordes barely glanced at the Gabby-led years…a couple of predominantly instrumental medleys have allowed "In The Cage" and "Cinema Show," "Firth of Fifth" and "I Know What I Like" to enjoy their moment in the sun, and "Carpet Crawlers" made for a surprising final encore. But the emphasis in both show and broadcast was on the trio's own 80s/90s output, and a mighty, muscular display it was. Collins was certainly in better voice than he's sounded in a while, while Banks and Rutherford played with a pomp and circumstance that was often lacking from the mechanical outings the "old" band grew so adept at performing.

The full nearly-three hour show is cut to just an hour here, but "Turn It On Again," "No Son Of Mine," "Wardrobe," "Los Endos" and a positively scarifying "Mama" are numbered among the highlights (mercifully, the drum duet has been sliced away), while the first encore of "Tonight" and "Invisible Touch," at least, survives intact.

More complete recordings, from this show and others, are already going the rounds, and Genesis themselves have rumored a live album for later in the year. But, 30 years after etc etc, that might be pushing the curiosity factor a little too far. This one will do quite nicely, thank you very much. - Dave Thompson

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November 16, 2007