Live at the Watford Town Hall (Remastered) [no label 1CD]
Live in England, June 28, 1972. VG+ to VG++ AUD stereo.

One of the earliest (or, at least, earliest listenable) Genesis concerts in circulation, Watford Town Hall captures the band as they worked towards the completion of Foxtrot, with "Watcher Of The Skies" already firmly in place as the set opener even if Gabriel is still moved to caution "this one will probably be on our next album."

But the remainder of the set is pure Trespass/Nursery Cryme, with a fabulous rendering of "Stagnation," and a teasingly rearranged "The Knife" bookending both the expected epics ("Musical Box," "Hogweed") and a succession of what the modern-day listener might well term surprises — the flop single "Happy The Man" and the future b-side "Twilight Alehouse" both step outside the LPs’ parameters, while Gabriel’s preambles are never less than entertaining, particularly when introducing those songs ("Stagnation," "Fountain of Salmacis") that don’t seem to turn up on every Genesis live disc.

An obvious audience recording, it’s nevertheless an eminently listenable, and thoroughly enjoyable disc, and a reminder of Genesis before they became too big to have fun on stage. - Dave Thompson

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October 12, 2007