Iron Pigs On Fire [T-700 2CD Torrent: 85538]
Live at Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, May 1, 1977. "This is the first and only digital transfer ever made from the original analog cassette tapes." Ex- AUD stereo. One of the best, if not THE BEST, recordings from this tour.

Most of what you’ve been told about this disc is true - it is one of the best recordings from the Animals tour… the crowd is loud but not obtrusively so… the sound balance is surprisingly good for an audience recording… and a set list that gives Animals all the attention that it merits can scarcely be faulted.

Yes, it would have been nice if there was a little more clarity to the performance; if the band didn’t sound quite so thin. But full recountings of both Animals and Wish You Were Here remind us of the days when Pink Floyd were an actual working band, as opposed to a monolith devoted to singular conceits, and the fact that Dark Side of the Moon is relegated to a two song encore ("Money" and "Us And Them") suggests that even they were getting sick of it by then. Even better, the quad effects that damage so many recordings from this tour (most notably during "Shine On You Crazy Diamond") are barely noticeable, which is a major boon for those of us who only have two ears.

Somewhere in Floyd’s own archive, there is probably a recording from the Animals tour that will leave every other tape you’ve ever heard for dead. Until the day they see fit to dust it off, however, Iron Pigs On Fire is one of those precious recordings that remind us just why Floyd were so important at the time - no matter how hard they’ve tried to make us forget that since then. - Dave Thompson

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November 23, 2007