White Album

A 25-song round-up of Bowie odds and ends, primarily dating from the mid-late 1960s and all of them familiar from sundry other sources. But anybody who hasn't spent the past decade or so rampaging through the racks in search of the alternate "When I Live My Dream (organ version"), or gathering up the Shel Talmy demos that Rhino released way back when, will certainly find a lot to be thankful for, as we travel through a raft of demos and outtakes, through a clutch of cuts from the Threepenny Pierrot show, a couple of German language recordings, the "Supermen" acetate, the demo for "Kooks," songwriter demos of "Over The Wall We Go "and "Right On Mother."

Again, there's little here that will raise the blood pressure too far, although it was intriguing to find such rarely-booted gems as "I'll Follow you" and "That's Where My Heart is' mingling in with "Little Toy Soldier" and "Shadowman" and, while the sound quality does vary considerably, overall it's good enough to listen through the full disc without too much distraction. - Dave Thompson

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June 27, 2008