Bristol Melody of 1974: Remastered [PRRP010 2CD]
Live at Hippodrome Theatre, Bristol, England, Jan 13, 1974 on tour for Selling England By The Pound. Ex- AUD stereo.

A relatively recent addition to the Genesis catalog (only three songs from the show were circulating when Paul Russell compiled his Play Me My Song guide to the band's underground recordings in 2004), Bristol Melody Of 1974 is not, in fact, one of the more spectacular shows available from this particular outing. The latest tour had only just got underway after a month-long Christmas break, and the quintet was certainly some way from its peak. The set list would become considerably more exciting as the outing went on, too. And, finally, the sound quality is on the distinctly dull side of sparkly, with some very noticeable hisses and hiccups to mar an already fairly lackluster performance. 

Nevertheless, two discs serve up the newly released Selling England By The Pound in its entirety… including the perpetually problematic "More Fool Me" and "Battle of Epping Forest"; plus the opening "Watcher Of The Skies," the closing "Supper's Ready," an energetic "Musical Box" and a short and sweet "Horizons." So, not a great show, but a complete one, and that certainly counts for something. - Dave Thompson

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January 18, 2007