20th Century Boy: BBC Documentary 2007
[no label, 1DVD PAL]

Don't. Just don't, okay? A 20-something minute documentary thrown together to mark the anniversary of Bolan's death, 20th Century Boy is - how to put this delicately? A pile of shit. A bunch of barely-interested talking heads include a resentful ex-chauffeur, an old friend and sometime bandmate, a brother, a son and a partner, plus producer Tony Visconti, and there is the sneaking suspicion that at least half of them still have some pleasant memories of Marc.  But sliced and diced by an editor with an axe to grind and Bolan isn't simply reduced to the level of the lowliest one-hit wonder you've never heard of, but he's an alcoholic wife beating dope fiend as well.  Which might be true.  But the vague testimony of one man is an odd thing to build an anniversary around, especially when the truth about Bolan is so much more fascinating. Even exploitative rubbish would be better than this. - Dave Thompson

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June 6, 2008