Time In London: 30th Anniversary Edition [The Swingin' Pig 1CD]
Live at Wembley, November 6, 1974.

This may or may not be one of the crucial recountings of Dark Side of The Moon, but anybody who heard it for the first time rattling out of a transistor radio in 1974, courtesy of the BBC, will thrill again to what seemed, at the time, to be one of the corporation's greatest ever gifts. In terms of sound quality, it's all a very long way from the crackle and hiss of old; cleaned up and equalized, it has a stereo impact that almost rivals the studio vinyl (almost: we are speaking in relative terms here), and there are moments of such sublime beauty - the guitar solo through "Time," "The Great Gig In The Sky," "Any Colour You Like" - that Floyd's refusal to release an official live document of their Seventies peak becomes ever more baffling.

In terms of past airings, the bonus here is the encore of "Echoes," omitted from the original broadcast and absent from many of the bootlegs as well. One of the most entrancing versions to be found on any Floyd live recording, it is well worth half an hour of your time, regardless of how many times you've heard the rest of the disc in the past. - Dave Thompson

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June 20, 2008