Rising (Rough Mix) [Home(r) Entertainment Network HEN018 1CD Torrent: 69929]
"Directly copied from 7 1/2 IPS magnetic recording tape on 7" spool (I.D. label "Schneider") belonging to Cozy Powell. Ex SBD stereo.

Remembering the manifold iniquities that lurk throughout the Rainbow catalog, and the numerous blots that Blackmore spattered over their copybook, it’s difficult to recall just what an exciting… nay, revolutionary… band this was at the outset. With Blackmore, Cozy Powell and Ronnie Dio all at the peak of their powers, and a songwriting machine that really did believe it was creating something new, Rainbow Rising continues to transcend whatever musical pigeonholing its makers went on to live for, to emerge a blueprint for all that the band should have gone onto create, but didn’t.

Taken from Cozy Powell’s personal collection of Rainbow artifacts, this rough mix dates from very close to the end of the recording process. Certainly you really don’t get much more here than you’d find on the officially released album. Only the keyboard intro to "Stargazer’ really leaps out, to restore the performance to the full grandeur of its live incarnation. Elsewhere, the occasional flourish or fiddly bit may or may not resonate from past listens to the LP. Basically, however, a classic album remains a classic album, and this is just a sideline curio for those of us who really want to count the notes in Ritchie’s solos. - Dave Thompson

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April 25, 2008