When Evening Falls [no label 2CD]
Live at Budokan, Tokyo Japan, Dec 16 1976. VG+ AUD stereo.

Not the best-sounding souvenir from Rainbow’s first burst of touring, but certainly one of the best shows, When Evening Falls rounds up a truly hot blooded romp through the band’s entire repertoire of the day… so no surprises (unless you count the snatch of "Jingle Bells" before the intro tape kicks in), but no disappointments either. "Mistreated," rolling in just two songs into the show, is as majestic as it ought to be, "16th Century Greensleeves" as evocative, and Cozy Powell remains one of the few drummers on the planet who could launch into a drum solo that didn’t send most right-thinking onlookers rushing for the bar.

In terms of reproduction, the two discs are a little flat… it’s not bad sound per se, just a little clunkier than you would hope for a show of such dynamism and excitement. The vocals and drums are mixed just a little too high, as well. But that’s what the volume control is for, isn’t it? Play it loud and you can forgive it anything.
- Dave Thompson

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March 14, 2008