Electric Warrior Sessions 1971 [BTM 002 1CD mindwarp 958]

Marc Bolan may have been the biggest, brightest star that Seventies Britain ever produced, but somebody really needs to sit down with the catalog, Mark Lewisohn/Beatles style, and let us know exactly what we're listening to - and how many times we need to hear it. This offering essentially does nothing more than rearrange the contents of the Burning Airlines label's Electric Warrior Sessions CD, while rounding up the handful of odds that evaded that collection (namely, a third version of "Get It On," a snippet of "Mambo Sun," the protracted "Bolan Blues"), to reveal once again just what a stunning set of sessions that must have been - which is nothing we don't know already. Various official sources have already provided us with enough demos, out-takes and rough mixes to build a magnificent portrait of the Electric Warrior in gestation. Collections like this simply complicate the issue. - Dave Thompson

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May 9, 2008