Complete Down Under [no label 2CD JPGR 5561]
Live in Melbourne, Australia, Nov 13, 1975. This is the Woodstockfan Version with live in Perth bonus tracks spoiled by diginoise. Wings could not play Japan due to Paul's drug charge so this show was recorded for Japanese TV. Ex- SBD stereo. Tape drag here and there. Probably sourced from VHS?

If we’re going to be brutally honest, it’s the story surrounding this recording that is responsible for its somewhat legendary status among Macca fans, as opposed to the performance - which is little better than one more average night on the 1975 world tour, and not a patch, for example, on the official Over America live album. The sound quality is as scrunchy as the bootleg bibles warn, while the tape drag contributes a steady rise and fall that really grows tiresome after a while. There were a lot of better performances on this tour, and there’s a lot more enjoyable recordings. Hunt them out instead, and let this legend fade into the obscurity it really deserves. - Dave Thompson

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April 4, 2008