Sweet Moments: Live Chronicles ‘70s to ‘80s [Footstomp FSVD-280 1DVDR NTSC]
Tks 1-15 TV appearances. Tks 16-25 live at Marquee Club, London, Feb 12, 1986. Pro-shot. Video VG+; Audio Ex-. 113 min.

Amid the sea of DVD reissues and repackagings with which we are now being tempted by the music biz, it’s surprising that nobody has yet sat down to compile the ultimate Sweet collection. Even a collection on a par with Slade’s Very Best Of anthology would be an improvement on what Sweet fans currently have to put up with, and so we sit and grind through poor quality tape after poor quality tape, in search of some kind of satisfaction.

Keep searching. The first half of Sweet Moments is essentially a reissue of the '80s-era Ballroom Hitz VHS, which means it’s once more around the block for: Top Of The Pops performances of “Blockbuster,” “Coco”, “Fox On The Run” and “Love is Like Oxygen”; Supersonic renderings of “Lies In Your Eyes,” “Burn On The Flame” and “Action,” the promo (version two) of “Teenage Rampage,” an in concert “Hell Raiser” and three live performances for Granada TV in England, “The Six Teens,” “You’re Not Wrong For Loving Me” and “Lady Starlight.” Which isn’t a bad line-up per se; it’s just that it’s so woefully incomplete that you find yourself positively begging for “Little Willy,” no matter how disappointed you know you’ll be.

And worse is to come.  From there, the disc swings into a 1986 live show, with the hits… like vocalist Brian Connolly… gone, and the whole thing sounding so much like an '80s metal band that you could almost believe that Quiet Riot finally grew out of their Slade fixation, and found somebody else to annoy. So one more disappointment in a sea of sour Sweetness, and we continue to dream of the day “Alexander Graham Bell” will finally make it onto DVD. - Dave Thompson

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September 18, 2009