BigO (acronym for "Before I Get Old") is Asia's most respected rock magazine.

Since September 1985, the Singapore-based magazine has championed the creation and promotion of made-in-Singapore music and has released many CDs of local music.

Besides local music, the magazine also features interviews, reviews of CDs, films, comics and live concerts - practically everything a young person (or someone who is young-at-heart) would want to know.

The publisher of BigO is Michael Cheah. The editors are: Philip Cheah and Stephen Tan.

Comments on BigO Worldwide can be directed to mybigo@bigozine.com.

Our telephone number is (65) 63484007.

Or you can write to us:

Options Publications Pte Ltd
PO Box 784
Marine Parade
Singapore 914410
Republic of Singapore


For more... email mybigo@bigozine.com with the message, "Put me on your mailing list."