A slick black limousine for every month.

When it comes to a grateful dead, no one does it better than the good folks at coffin-maker cofanifunebri.com. They not only sell sleek, black coffins aka "long black limousines" but coffin shaped bars of soap called "Eternity", jet-black T-shirts with the logo "I told you I was sick" and key rings in the shape of a hearse.

Eternity coffin soap.

But our fave item has to be their annual full-color calenders for tracking the days and months when your loved ones or yourself finally expire. Each month offers a different quality coffin for you to consider. Here’s a sample of Coffin Of The Month - March 2005:

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Jan to December 2005

Cofanifunebri was also started in 1965. The masters initially offered their services in the construction of sarcophagus, cinerary urns and funeral art for tombs. The site states that its owners are "simple men of goodwill and talent" who have reached "the fame of great prestige".

At their website, you can even vote for your favourite tomb. And they’ll make it for you too. To the rich, the cost of dying in such state of art is truly a small matter.

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