Judy Collins called her latest anthology, Forever. But this 1997 release has already "rotted", at least our archive copy has.

We were recently moving our collection to a new location when we did a spot-check. Both discs were covered with a sticky goo on the playing side of the discs [see pics].

Clearly they were unplayable. The Elektra album has only these identifiers on the CD: "Made In USA by WEA Manufacturing INC, 62104-2. For promotional use only. Sale or other transfer is prohibited." Aside from this small-print mention on the printed side of both CDs, there was no indication that this was a promo copy.

We like to ask any other owners of this album to contact us and let us know the condition of their copy. Please email BigO at and put in the subject header: FOREVER?

Ah well, Collins did offer advice on CD2, track 15, Nothing Lasts Forever.

- Professor Red

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