FEBRUARY 2005 [163 ALBUMS = 253CDs]

Feb 18 2005 [20CDs]

84] Curved Air - Guildford Surrey University 1974 [no label 1CD] live in England, Nov 20 1974. Ex SBD stereo.

85] Roger McGuinn - Live at the Bottom Line 1975 [no label 1CD] live in New York. Sept 10 1975. Broadcast on WNEW-FM. Ex FM stereo

86] Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Doin' Alright For Old People [Swingin' Pig 1CD] live in New York, Mar 19/20 1978. Ex SBD stereo. This is just the two ex-Byrds by themselves. NOT FOR TRADE. MP3 sourced

87] Bob Dylan - Rolling Thunder Revue: Boston Nov 21 1975 Evening Show [no label 3CD] live in Boston, Nov 21 1975. This is the complete show unlike the Cowboy Angel Blues bootleg which is an inline SBD recording. Ex- AUD stereo. Excellent ambience with very clear sound. Transition between acts is however not smooth.

88] Elton John - BBC In Concert 1982 [no label 1CD] live at Hammersmith, Odeon, London, Dec 1 1982. Ex FM stereo. This show is with his original band of Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsen and Dee Murray. Intro by Brian Matthews.


89] Lambchop - Live in Amstel 2002 [no label 1CD] live in Studio Amstel, VPRO Radio, Jan 29 2002. Ex FM stereo.

90] Led Zeppelin - Rock Hour [Antrabata 1CD] live at Playhouse Theatre in London, June 27 1969. This is the complete broadcast with all the DJ chatter, interview and even a comedy sketch that divided the show. Ex SBD stereo.

91] Masada - Taipei, Taiwan 1996: Pt 3 [no label 2CD] live at Crown Theatre, May 24 1996. Small venue. Ex AUD stereo

92] Sun Ra & Arkestra - Detroit 1980 [no label 7CD] live at the Jazz Centre, Detroit, Dec 31 1980. Complete all three shows 8 pm, 11 pm and 3 am. Ex SBD stereo.

93] Elvis Presley - Eternal Flame [Lonestar 1CD] live in South Bend Indiana, Oct 20 1976. Ex SBD stereo.

94] Silverhead - Live at Rainbow 1975 [no label 1CD] live at Rainbow Theatre, London, no exact date, 1975. Ex SBD stereo. Taken from vinyl source. Some vinyl noise.

Feb 21 2005 [13CDs]

95] Bright Eyes - WXPN Philadelphia 2005 [no label 1CD] live on WXPN, World Cafe show, broadcast on Feb 18 2005. Ex FM stereo.

96] The Beatles - A/B Road:The Complete Get Back Sessions Jan 31 1969 [Purple Chick 4CD] live at Apple Studios, England. Ex SBD mono. The fourth CD is complete Get Back and Let It Be album taken from the Nagra tapes. Very nice. This is a 4CD set.


97] Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball Demos & Outtakes [no label 1CD] outtakes from the 1995 album Wrecking Ball recorded at Woodland Studio, East Nashville, January 1995. Ex SBD stereo. Supposedly from a source close to producer Daniel Lanois. Includes two songs not found on Wrecking Ball.

98] Sun Ra and his All-Star Invention - Village Vanguard 1991 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Nov 17 1991. This is the third set of the night, the 12.45 am set. Ex SBD stereo. The source of the official release Live At The Village Vanguard released on Rounder Records.

99] Weather Report - Memphis 1974 [no label 1CD] live in Memphis Sept or Oct 1974. This is a pre-Jaco Pastorius lineup. Ex SBD stereo. Strong hiss but not noticeable when music starts.

100] Led Zeppelin - Long Beach 1972 [no label 1CD] live at Long Beach Arena, California, June 27 1972. Ex SBD stereo. Incomplete show only 3 songs. Rest of the show is available as audience recording.

101] Mercury Rev - Cologne 2005 [no label 1CD] live at KultKomplex Cafe, Cologne Germany, Feb 2 2005. Ex FM stereo.

102] Sonic Youth - Live at CBGBs 1988 [no label 1CD] live in New York, June 23 1988. Ex SBD stereo. Complete early show. Very early versions of songs on Daydream Nation.

103] Wilco - San Jose 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Center of Performing Arts, California, Nov 13 2004, on A Ghost Is Born Tour. Ex SBD stereo. One of the best recorded shows from 2004.

Feb 23 2005 [18CDs]

104] Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts [Pegboy 1CD] Fine anthology of outtakes & rarities released in 1996. This is the "no baloney" version that Paul compiled of his best outtakes from 1971-78. This compilation was made in 1980 for an album that never was released. Ex SBD stereo.

105] Paul McCartney - The Complete Russian Sessions [no label 1CD] This is different from Goblin release called It’s Now Or Never. This contains the 11 songs from the official 1991 Choba B CCCP release + 3 extra tracks of outtakes? not from Russian sessions. Tk 15 is just a brief snippet of Paul dialogue. Ex SBD stereo.

106] Paul McCartney - Eggs Up (Masterfraction 2CD) outtakes of Back To The Egg [ex- SBD stereo] + 1979 tour rehearsals also known as Rancho Rehearsals. VG to Ex SBD stereo

107] John Lennon/Yoko Ono - The Alternate Sometime in New York City [John Records 1CD] Outtakes, demos, live & TV from 1972. VG to Ex-

108] Johnny Cash - Farewell [no label 1CD] live at Carter Fold Hiltons, Virginia, July 5 2003 with June Carter + Sept 28 2002. VG AUD stereo.

109] Weather Report - Chateauvallon, France 1973 [no label 2CD] live in France, Aug 24 1973. Ex FM stereo.

110] Led Zeppelin - Florida Sunshine [Empress Valley 2CD] live in Orlando, Florida, Aug 31 1971. This is the SBD/AUD 2CD mix from the 4CD Empress Valley set. The latter 2CDs are from an audience source. VG to Ex- SBD stereo.

111] Led Zeppelin - Dazed & Confused In Salt Lake City [no label 2CD] live in US, May 26 1973. Ex- SBD stereo. This is the same in source and sound quality as Empress Valley’s Georgia On My Mind.

112] Led Zeppelin - That’s The Way Through the Out Door [Eat-A-Cow Records 1CD] In Through The Out Door outtakes. Ex SBD stereo.


113] Keith Richards - A Stone Alone [Vinyl Gang 2004 1CD] Studio outtakes, 9 tks recorded at Long View Farm, Brookfield, MA late May 1981, 1 track from New York 1978 or 1979 + 8 tracks from Sounds Interchange Recording Studio, Toronto, Canada Mar 12-13 1977. Ex SBD stereo. This is the best version to date.

114] Hunter S Thompson - Lecture At Washington & Lee University 1991 [no label 2CD] Recorded on Feb 4 1991. Hunter talks about the first Gulf War, Jann Wenner, Richard Nixon and journalism. Downloaded on Feb 22 2005. Hunter suicided on Feb 20 2005 from a gunshot wound. Ex-

115] Jimmy Webb - Webb Sings Webb [Epic 1CD] out-of-print 1968 album of songs Jimmy Webb considered as demos. He refused to have this album rereleased. One song Our Time Is Running Out sounds like a first attempt at Galveston with a similar theme but different melody. This copy includes the hard-to-find 1971 album And So On. Ex SBD stereo

116] Susan Webb - Bye-Bye Pretty Baby [Anchor Records 1CD] Jimmy Webb produced his sister’s one and only 1976 album, long out-of-print. Includes a cover of Stephen Still’s Helplessly Hoping. Ex SBD stereo.

Feb 23 2004 [28CDs]


117] Ryan Adams - Exile On Franklin Street [no label 1CD] studio sessions for another unreleased album recorded spring/summer 2000. It was intended for the aborted 4CD set, Demolition, on Lost Highway Records. Ex SBD stereo.

118] Aerosmith - Laid Back? Fuck Off Baby!! [Polar Bear Records 1CD] live at Masonic Hall in Detroit, Apr 14 1974. Ex- SBD mono

119] The Beatles - The Alternate With The Beatles [Pear Records 1CD] Pear offers alternate recordings of each track of the album taken from studio outtakes, live versions and from the Get Back sessions. No Anthology tracks here. Sound quality varies.

120] The Beatles - The Alternate Revolver [Pear Records 1CD] Pear offers alternate recordings of each track of the album taken from studio outtakes and the mono version. Sound quality varies.

121] The Beatles - The Alternate Revolver Solo [Pear Records 1CD] Pear offers live versions done by the individual Beatles in their solo years + Beatles live versions. Sound quality varies.

122] The Beatles - The Alternate Sgt Peppers [Pear Records 1CD] Pear offers alternate recordings of each track of the album taken from studio outtakes, the single versions and the album in mono. No Anthology tracks here. Sound quality varies.

123] The Beatles - Lord of Madness [Masterfraction 1CD] The Beatles unreleased Sessions[?] album in "best" quality. Source is 1968 sessions. Ex SBD stereo.

124] The Beatles - Rust Week: Final Desolation [Masterfraction 2CD] The Get Back sessions Jan 1969, from the rust/last week of January[?]. Ex SBD stereo.

125] The Beatles - World’s Best [Fab Gear 1CD] All official releases taken from US, Europe, Australia and South America. These are all different and very rare mixes. Ex SBD stereo/mono.

126] John Coltrane - Upgrade of CD4 of Live Trane set [no label 1CD] Live Trane 1960-1963 is a 12CD set. CD4 contained a concert at Falkonet Teatre, Copenhagen, Nov 20 1961. This is a much improved version taken from the pre-FM reel. Ex SBD stereo.

127] The Jam - Forever And Always [BTZ 1CD] demos from 1975, 1976 and 1980s. These are some of the earliest demos by The Jam and they sound like a British Invasion band on the ’75-‘76 demos. A true curio. VG+ SBD mono?

128] Fleetwood Mac - Shine Angel [Mainstream 2CD] live at Missouri Arena, St Louis, MO, November 1979 + CD2 tks 6-14 live at Oakland Arena, CA, 1982. Ex SBD stereo


129] The Kinks - Top Of The Rocks [Supersonic 1CD] Live at Fillmore West, San Francisco Nov 13 1970. Ex- SBD mono?.

130] Kiss - Alive In San Francisco [Watermelon 1CD] live at Cow Palace Aug 16 1977. Includes covers of Won’t Get Fooled Again, Sunshine of Your Love, Hey Joe, La Bamba, Whole Lotta Love. Unusual show. VG SBD? mono

131] Kiss - Rock & Roll All Nite [Big Music 1CD] live in Toronto 1976. No other info. VG+ SBD mono

132] Kris Kristofferson - KSAN FM 1973 [no label 2CD] live at Record Plant, Sausalito, California. Radio broadcast with guests Rita Coolidge, Doug Sahm, Nick Gravenites & David Blue. Ex FM stereo.

133] Led Zeppelin - 2405 Evoluzione [Empress Valley EVSD 252- 255 4CD] live at Earl’s Court, London, May 24 1975. Ex SBD/AUD stereo.

134] Mary Lou Lord - Moorestown, New Jersey 2003 [Purple Chick/Goldtone 1CD] live in New Jersey, Feb 8 2003. Ex SBD stereo

135] Graham Parker & The Rumour - Rainbow Music Hall 1979 [no label 1CD] live in Denver 1979 to promote Squeezing Out Sparks. No date and venue. Ex pre-FM stereo. Some wavering of sound in the first track, probably sound engineer at the mixing desk.

136] 10CC - Life Is A Minestrone [Ten Dollar 1CD] Tks 1-8 live at Hammersmith Odeon, London June 1977, Ex SBD stereo. Rest are rarities from 1966-1967 when they were the Mindbenders of VG to Ex mono/stereo quality. Enjoyable ‘60s pop.

137] Van Halen - Listen To This Gene [Bondage Music 1CD] Demos recorded by Gene Simmons of Kiss at Village Recorders, LA, and Electric Ladyland, NY on May 1976, Ex SBD stereo. + Tks 11-21 live at Civic Auditorium, Pasadena in California, Feb 8 1978, VG+ AUD? mono.

138] Various - Four Sides: Midsummer Rock 1970 [Darkside 1CD] live at Cincinatti Ohio, Midsummer rock concert 1970 with Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Alice Cooper & Traffic. Radio broadcast VG+ to Ex- FM? mono?

139] Various - The Very Best & Rarest of Shindig [Hercules 1CD] includes The Who [4 tks]; Rolling Stones [2 tks]; Yardbirds [2 tks]; Kinks [4 tks]; The Byrds [4 tks]; Donovan [2 tks]; The McCoys [1 tk]; The Turtles [2 tks]; Gerry & Pacemakers [1 tk] and The Beatles [3 tks]. Sound varies between VG+ to Ex-, very listenable. I think this is mono taken from TV broadcast. Some are described on cover as from master TV tapes.

Feb 27 2005 [11CDs]

140] Ryan Adams - The Suicide Handbook [no label 1CD] An unreleased album recorded in January 2001 with Bucky Baxter at Javelina Studios, Nashville, Tennessee. This was also meant to be part of the 4-CD Demolition set on Lost Highway Records. Ex SBD stereo. There is a flutter on Tk 1 around the 4 min mark.

141] Ryan Adams - The Q Division Sessions [no label 1CD] recorded Sept 29, 2000 at Q Division studio in Boston, MA. This is just Ryan and Miranda Brown on backing vocals. 5 tracks short only 15 mins. Ex SBD stereo.


142] Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon - Live at The Whiskey [no label 2CD] Burdon and Witherspoon played 7 consecutive Mondays at The Whisky in 1971 before recording "Guilty!" (Black & White Blues), this seems to be compiled from 2-3 concerts. Ex SBD stereo.

143] Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Studio Archives 1969 [no label 1CD] This is quite a discovery with CSN doing Fred Neil’s Everybody’s Talkin’ as the first track. Includes these unreleased songs Everyday We Live, I’ll Be There, Ivory Tower, 30 Dollar Fine all by Stills + Nash’s You’re Wrong Baby and Neil Young’s Everybody’s Alone done by CSNY. The rest are alternate takes and outtakes from Wally Heider’s Studio, San Francisco from Sept to Dec 1969 and at unknown studio. I’m not sure if any of these tracks are found on the official 1991 CSN 4CD boxset.Ex SBD stereo.

144] Jackson Browne - For Everyman: The Jackson Browne Songbook [BBC Radio 2 2CD] broadcast Oct 19 amd 26 2004, presenter Bob Harris. Includes exclusive interview with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, David Lindley and Scott Thurston. Ex FM stereo.

145] The Clash - The Palais St. Saveur [no label 1CD] live in France, May 9? 1981, incomplete show. Ex- SBD stereo. A bit muddy.

146] John Coltrane - Upgrade of CD 11 and part of 12 in Live Trane set [no label 1CD] live at Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Nov 4, 1963. Tracks 1-3 originally available on Live Trane Underground Disc 11 (as tracks 2,3,4); Track 4 originally available on Live Trane Underground Disc 12 (as track 1). Sound quality goes from the original B quality to upgraded A+. Taken from FM source.

147] Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna From A Parallel Universe [no label 1CD] Great collection of master reels from the 1980 - 1981 Bella Donna recording sessions by Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty guesting. Ex SBD stereo.

148] Jill Sobule - Ft Worth, Texas 2000 [no label 1CD] live in Texas, Apr 8 2000 during Caravan of Dreams tour. Warren Zevon guests on I Kissed A Girl. Sobule was opening act for Zevon. Includes a cover of All The Young Dudes. VG AUD mono? A bit boomy with mild echo.

Feb 28 2005 [22CDs]

149] Eric Burdon with Robbie Kreiger - Caravan of Dreams 1990 [no label 1CD] live at Caravan of Dreams, Ft Worth, Texas Aug 4 1990. Ex SBD stereo.

150] Paul McCartney - Rude Studio Demos [Columbus 1CD] sessions for Tug of War/ Pipes of Peace albums 1982-83. Ex SBD stereo.

151] Elvis Costello - Ultimate Gangster 1983 [no label 2CD] live at Frank C Erwin Center, University of Texas, Austin, Sept 7 1983. Complete show with the Attractions and the TKO Horns. Ex FM/SBD? stereo. CD2 track 1 may be audience source. This is a mix of FM source with the bootleg The Gangster Is Back.

152] Miles Davis - Olympia 1973 [Trema 1CD] live at Olympia, July 11 1973. Ex FM? stereo.

153] Miles Davis - Call It What It Is [JMY 1CD] live at Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, Oct 17 1973. Ex SBD stereo.

154] Miles Davis - Miles Is Back!: First Night At Savoy - Complete Mastertape Edition [So What! 2CD] live at Savoy Theatre, New York, July 17 1981. Ex SBD? stereo.

155] Carole King - The Living Room Tour 2004 [no label 2CD] live at the Pier, Seattle, Washington, Aug 6 2004. Both early and late show. Ex AUD stereo. Slight audience noise. King is aged 62!

156] Carla Bley - Live at SWF New Jazz Meeting [no label 2CD] live in Mainz, Germany, Nov 25 1976. Ex FM stereo.

157] Carla Bley - SWF New Jazz Meeting [no label 2CD] studio session in Baden-Baden, Germany, Nov 1976. Ex FM stereo.

158] Don Cherry - Unreleased Album 1968 [no label 1CD] recorded July 20 1968 in Don Cherry's summerhouse, Kummelnaes near Stockholm, produced by Keith Knox. Ex SBD stereo.

159] Bruce Springsteen - Knock On Wood [Raggamuffin Records 2CD] live at Ellis Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee, Apr 29 1976. Eddie Floyd guests on three tracks. VG+ SBD stereo.


160] Sonic Youth - Stan Brakhage Memorial 2003 [no label 1CD] three improvs played in front of Stan Brakhage films at Anthology Film Archives, New York, Apr 12 2003. AUD stereo. This is noise, give your own sound rating.

161] Jill Sobule - Nashville 2000 [no label 1CD] live at Belcourt Theatre, Tenessee, Apr 11 2000 with Warren Zevon. Ex SBD? stereo.

162] Sting with Gil Evans - Complete Umbria Jazz Festival [no label 2CD] live in Perugia, Italy, July 11 1987. Ex FM? stereo.

163] Stomu Yamashita's Go - Live at Royal Albert Hall 1976 [no label 1CD] Live in London, May 1976. Go are Steve Winwood, Al De Meola, Michael Shrieve and Klaus Schulze. Ex SBD stereo. Apparently this is taken from vinyl disc of King Biscuit Flower Hour show. A slightly better version exists on KBFH CD!

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