MARCH 2005 [188 ALBUMS = 293CDs]

March 20 2005 [23CDs]

82] Don Cherry - Unreleased Studio Session 1963 [no label 1CD] Tks 1-6 are Savoy sessions suspected to be from 1963. The band are Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Joseph Scianni, David Izenzon and JC Moses. Trks 7-9 are the New York Contemporary Five live at Radiohusets Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark on Oct 27 1963. The band are Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Don Moore and JC Moses. Ex FM stereo

83] Clearframe - Jazz on 3 2005 [no label 1CD] live on BBC Radio 3, Mar 4 2005. Clearframe are Lol Coxhill, Orphy Robinson, Charles Hayward and ex-Soft Machine Hugh Hopper. Robert Wyatt couldn’t make the gig. Ex Digital Broadcast stereo.

84] Ornette Coleman Trio - Copenhagen 1965 [no label 1CD] live at Tivoli Koncertsal Copehagen, Oct 31 1965. This concert is the same as the Magnetic bootleg, Live in Tivoli. Ex FM mono. This is an upgrade of the bootleg.

85] Masada - Taipei, Taiwan 1996: Pt 4 [no label 2CD] live at Crown Theatre, May 25 1996. Small venue. Ex AUD stereo

86] Charles Mingus - Complete Birdland Broadcast 1961-1962 [no label 3CD] This is the complete recordings of Mingus at Birdland, New York. His bands at the time The Jazz Workshop Allstars included Pee Wee Marquette, Jimmy Knepper, Yusef Lateef, Roland Kirk, Booker Ervin, Jaki Byard, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Henry Grimes, Pepper Adams and more. Recorded on 2-track stereo for radio broadcast. VG to Ex- FM stereo.

CD1 Oct 21 1961, Mar 24 1962 Mar 31 1962.
CD2 May 5 1962, May 12 1962
CD3 Oct 19 1962, Oct 26 1962.


87] Charles Mingus - Live in Bremen, 1975 [no label 2CD] live in Bremen, Germany, July 9 1975. The band are Jack Walrath, George Adams, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond and Mingus. Ex SBD stereo

88] Charles Mingus - Studio Sessions 1957-’77 [no label 1CD] Tks 1-11 are takes 23-47 of The Clown from Feb 13 1957 at the Audio-Video Studios, New York. Tks 12-16 are takes 2-13 of the Wedding March/ Slow Waltz from May 1 1977 at Record Plant, New York. Ex SBD stereo.

89] Yo Miles! - Live at Fillmore West 1999 [no label 2CD] live at the Fillmore, San Francisco, Oct 21 1999 at the SF Jazz Festival. Yo Miles! are a band dedicated to Electric Miles. Band members are Henry Kaiser, Wadada Leo Smith, Zakir Hussein, Michael Manring, Nels Cline, Chris Muir, Alex Cline, Tom Coster and the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. Ex SBD stereo.

90] Led Zeppelin - San Francisco 1969 [no label 2CD] live at Fillmore West, Apr 27 1969. Remastered soundboard. Ex SBD stereo. Supposedly better than Collage, released on TDOLZ.

91] Led Zeppelin - Ft Worth 1973 [no label 2CD] live at Tarrant County Convention Centre, Fort Worth, Texas, May 19 1973. "Excellent sounding soundboard. This one is a good example of everything bootleg companies do wrong when EQing a source. Tympany For A Butterqueen sounds really flat and sterile compared to this." Ex SBD stereo. Taken from 1st generation reel.

92] Led Zeppelin - Year Of The Dragon [Empress Valley 4CD] live in Seattle, July 17 1977. Taken from a video source. Ex- SBD stereo. Sound improves on CD2 onwards.

93] Van Morrison - Complete Bottom Line 1978 [no label 2CD] live at the Bottom Line, New York, Nov 1 1978. This is the complete late show as broadcast on radio. Ex FM stereo.

March 21 2005 [20CDs]

94] Nirvana - Chicago 1991 [no label 1CD] live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Oct 12 1991. Ex SBD stereo. Been A Son is missing. Otherwise this is the complete show in best-sound.

95] Nirvana - I’m Dead & I Will Never Rise Again: Complete Reading 1992 [no label 2CD] live at Richfield Avenue, Reading Festival, England, Aug 30 1992. This is the complete show including sound test, crowd noise, stage banter taken from a VHS source. Ex stereo. Better than version found on Into The Black boxset.

96] Oasis - Whatever Demos [no label 1CD] demos for debut album Definitly Maybe [1994] given out in 1994 as a demo tape. These were recorded 1992-1993. This has been remastered by MickDude Mar 2005. Ex- SBD stereo.

97] Pink Floyd - Ivor Wynne, Ontario, Canada 1975 [no label 2CD] live at Ivor Wynne Stadium, Hamilton, Canada, June 28 1975. Taken from the taper’s master. Distributed by jonsattic. Ex SBD stereo. Supposedly a bit fast. This show has been around on many different boots but this is the master tape.


98] Elvis Presley - Cafe Europa Sessions [Tulsa 5CD] The GI Blues sessions released in 1996 on Tulsa Records. In the movie, Elvis plays GI Tulsa McLean. This is the complete sessions from late April and May 1960, recorded immediately after Elvis Is Back. The original set was 4CDs and only 500 sets were made. CD5 is the best of the alternate takes and was added in a later German edition. The original title of GI Blues was to have been Café Europa. "We get it all here: laughter, swearing, fooling around with the band and a sore throat. Between some of the takes we can here Elvis referring to his Army time (with terms like commanding officer, forward observer) and he uses some German expressions (like 'was?' translated as 'what?' if something goes wrong, or 'achtung', translated as 'attention'). Not all of the conversations between takes are put on this CD set." Recorded at RCA Studios in Hollywood. Ex SBD stereo.

99] Rolling Stones - King Biscuit Flower Hour: Europe 1973 [no label 1CD] this is the famous KBFH show as assembled from recordings made in Brussels and elsewhere in 1973. This version is the radio version with all the commercials intact and radio DJ chatter. This is taken from a radio CD. Ex pre-FM stereo.

100] Paul Simon - Queens College 1964 [no label 1CD] live in Flushing, New York, 1964. Very early recording of Paul without Art Garfunkel. Ex SBD stereo. Taken from a 2nd generation reel?

101] Patti Smith - Before The Dead: Amherst 1979 [no label 1CD] live at Alumni Stadium, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, May 12 1979, opening for the Grateful Dead. VG+ AUD stereo

102] Patti Smith - Bowery Ballroom 2004: Version 2 [no label 2CD] live in New York, Dec 31 2004, New Year’s Eve concert marking Patti’s birthday. Ex AUD stereo. Very noisy crowd. This is a better recording than the above.

103] Traffic - The Perfumed Garden [Gold Standard 1CD] compilation of BBC recordings and alternate takes from the first album. This copy in my collection excludes 6 tracks of the studio outtakes. Only the BBC sessions from 1967-68 are included. Ex FM stereo.

104] Traffic - Westwood One [no label 2CD] live at BBC’s Paris Theatre, London, Apr 30 1970. This is taken from a rebroadcast on July 6 1992. The source is a radio CD. Ex pre-FM stereo.

105] Traffic - Fillmore East 1970 [no label 1CD] this is a live recording from the Fillmore East on Nov 18 1970 that has always been wrongly identified as Live at the Anderson Theatre, New York, Nov 23 1970. This was recorded for a live album but remains unreleased. Ex SBD stereo. Taken from the master reels. Tk 10 has some defects also found on the master.

March 22 2005 [9CDs]

106] Suzanne Vega - Montreux Jazz Festival 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Miles Davis Hall, Switzerland, July 15 2004. Ex Web Broadcast stereo.

107] VARIOUS - BBC Progressive Pop [no label 2CD] 2 BBC radio shows from 1968 and 1970 featuring the then progressive music. These are all recorded live at the BBC studios featuring Terry Reid, Strawbs, Jeff Beck Group, Family, Pentangle, Fleetwood Mac, Van Der Graaf Generator, Led Zeppelin, Free, The Nice, Colosseum, Bloodwyn Pig, T Rex, Keef Hartley and more. Ex FM stereo.


108] Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe - Dialogue [no label 1CD] These are demos mostly from Jon Anderson and a few from Steve Howe that were meant for the second ABWH album. It never went beyond this stage. Ex SBD stereo. Compiled and remastered by Jamie Lochhead in Mar 2005.

109] Anderson Bruford Wakeman & Howe - Live in Yokohama, Japan 1990 [no label 2CD] live in Japan, Mar 7 1990. Ex- SBD stereo.

110] Steve Howe [of Yes] - Sketches In London 1995 [no label 2CD] live at Union Chapel Hall, London, June 7 1995. Ex AUD stereo. Very close recording.

111] Frank Zappa - The Rest Of "Just Another Band From LA" [no label 1CD] this was planned as the second LP for 1972’s Just Another Band From LA but remains unreleased. This was taken from a promo copy. This has been widely debated as either the second LP for Just Another Band From LA or meant for the Mothers’ Fillmore East June 1971. Ex SBD stereo. Some vinyl noise.

March 23 2005 [21DVDs]


112] The Beatles - Anthology Director’s Cut 1993 [Picture Perfect 10DVD NTSC]
This was released at the end of 2004 and contains the first compilation of the Beatles Anthology. Many parts were edited out, and new footage shot for the final released version. This is the uncut version. Ex Audio and Video.

113] The Beatles - 1962-1970 [no label 2DVD NTSC]
This compilation of Beatles clips follows the songs on the Red and Blue Beatles compilation. Some of it taken from promo video, some look like fan compilations. Ex Audio Gd Video.

114] The Beatles - Complete Rooftop Concert [no label 1DVD NTSC]
This is just the segment from the 1970 Let It Be movie featuring the rooftop concert. Ex Audio and Video.

115] Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Wembley 1974 [no label 2DVD NTSC]
This is the famous Wembley concert in London on Sept 14 during CSNY’s Reunion Tour. Gd Audio and Video.

116] Miles Davis - La Grande Halle De La Villette [MilesTree.Org 1DVD]
Live in Paris, July 10 1991 as broadcast on TV in France. The two hour gig was broadcast on Europe 2 satellite radio and one hour was broadcast on TV. This was rumoured for a French release but it never happened. Ex Audio and VG+ Video.

117] Janis Joplin - Frankfurt 1969 [no label 1DVD PAL format]
This is the expanded 1994 edition [25th anniversary of this documentary] of Reinhard Hauff’s documentary made in 1969 and telecast on German TV, Apr 12 1969. The extras are interviews with the Germans involved in the organising of the concert back in ‘69. Much of the interview with Janis is "interrupted" by the German voiceover. But the concert footage is excellent. Parts of this concert was incorporated in the 1974 US documentary, Janis. Ex Audio and Video.

118] Gram Parsons - Fallen Angel [no label 1DVD PAL format/ widescreen]
This 2004 documentary of Gram Parsons took 10 years to make. Includes historic footage and interviews with Parsons family, friends and musicians like Keith Richards and Emmylou Harris. Directed by Gandulf Hennig and written by Sid Griffin. Taken from broadcast on BBC TV. Ex Audio and Video.

119] Max Roach - Freedom Now Suite [no label 1DVD]
First broadcast on Belgium TV in 1964, this is a 30 min performance bu Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln with Cooleridge Perkinson, Clifford Brown and Eddie Khan doing his Candid album We Insist! Freedom Now. This is a fake stereo recording, mono sound pumped through left and right channel. A black & white film. Ex Audio and VG+ Video.

120] The Rolling Stones - Ladies And Gentleman [Bad Wizard 1DVD NTSC/ widescreen]
Unreleased documentary of the Stones 1972 US tour filmed mostly in Texas, at Tarrant County Covention Centre, Ft Worth on June 24 1972 and at Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston, Texas, June 25 1972. Ex Audio and VG+ Video.

121] VARIOUS - All My Loving [no label 1DVD PAL format]
The original TV broadcast was in black & white - but it was later rebroadcast in color. It's got music by Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Beatles, The Animals, and Pink Floyd. Frank Zappa speaks his mind as does Paul McCartney. The film is "about" pop music. Intermixed with the music is combat footage from the Vietnam War. NOT to be seen by children or generally by those of a delicate nature. Taken from a rebroadcast on BBC4 June 5 2004. This is a 55 min documentary by Tony Palmer. Tony Palmer has also written for the New York Times, the Times of London, 'Punch', 'Life' magazine etc. From 1967-74 he was a regular music critic for the Observer. From 1969-74 he had a weekly column in The Spectator entitled 'Notes from the Underground'. Ex Audio and Video.

March 25 2005 [15CDs]

122] Crosby, Stills, Nash and Steve Stills’ Manassas - First Class Trip [Lobster 2CD] various live dates CD1: from Houston 11/22/77, Ft. Worth, TX 11/23/77. CD2: from Houston 11/22/77, Ft. Worth, TX 11/23/77 and Lakeland,FL. 11/19/77 and Hollywood Bowl,CA 5/25/80, and Manassas live 3/16/73.

123] Free - Talking Of Heartbreaker [Gypsy Eye 1CD] live at The Redcar Jazz Club, Coatham Bowl, England, Oct 12 1972. This is the band with Rabbit, Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirke. Same contents as Free Or Dead [Oh Boy] and Rabbits And Lions [Head]. Ex SBD stereo.

124] Free - Revenge Of Heartbreaker [no label 1CD] live at The Sports Centre, Bracknell, England, Oct 14 1972 with Paul Kossoff. The bootleg lists the wrong date of venue, Portsmouth ’73. Ex SBD stereo. Some dropouts. This is an incomplete concert, the last track fades.

125] Free - Remembering The Free [Live Storm 1CD] Tks 1-7 live at Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden (recorded 12/12/70, broadcast 1/2/71); Tks 8-9 live at BBC [recorded 3/17/69, broadcast 3/23,25/69] and Tks 10-12 live at Santa Monica, SF, CA 1/22/71. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo


126] Free - Two Years Free [2CD] CD1 live at Sankei Hall, Tokyo May 1-2, 1971. CD2 live at Municipal Auditorium, Aache, Germany on July 10, 1970. VG AUD

127] Al Green - A Live Performance On Soul! TV [no label 1CD] Taped in New York City at WNET Studios 1972 or 1973. Total Time - 55:41 min. VG - Ex broadcast quality.

128] Bruce Springsteen - Singin' Our Birthday Songs [Godfather 3CD] live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, Sept 21 1978. This is the best version to date. Includes rarely performed Meeting Across The River. The concert fell on Springsteen’s birthday? Ex SBD stereo.

129] Bruce Springsteen - Rain On You [Godfather 1CD] live at The Planetarium, Museum of Natural History, New York, Aug 29, 2002. Recorded by MTV for awards show. Includes bonus track from Buffalo, HSBC Arena, Oct 7 2002. Ex SBD stereo. This is the best version.

130] Bruce Springsteen - I Need A Little More Piano [no label 1CD] fan compilation of Bruce Springsteen’s solo piano performancesfrom 1990 — 2002. Ex- AUD stereo

131] Neil Young - Hard Luck Stories [Hempsall edition 2CD] live at Trocadero, San Francisco, CA on May 8, 1997. This is a fan edition merging the Hard Luck Stories boot and the complete audience recording of this show onto 2CDs. Ex AUD stereo

March 26 2005 [23CDs]

132] Ryan Adams - 48 Hours [no label 1CD] Unreleased album recorded in 48 hours, May 2001. The story: "Of course, as soon as "Gold" was finished, Ryan went into full freak-out mode. Inspired by a "mind-boggling" show by his friend Alanis Morissette at Los Angeles's El Rey Theater in May 2001, he immediately started writing again, called up producer Ethan Johns, and was back in the studio that same week. A full album was recorded and mixed in two days - which is why this batch of songs was titled "48 Hours." The sound he was going for was "a country-folk thing like 'John Wesley Harding' or 'Workingman's Dead,' with some shitkicking Merle Haggard stuff in there" - the glorious "Hallelujah" and the irresistible, twangy "Chin Up, Cheer Up" certainly make for a dramatic contrast with the "Suicide" songs Ryan's touring musicians took on an alternate life as a garage band called the Pinkhearts - he even flummoxed the crowd at Austin's 2001 South By Southwest festival by turning his much-touted showcase into a raucous Pinkhearts set. Back in Nashville, with CDs by Sonic Youth, the Stooges, and Nirvana propped up on the mixing board for divine guidance, the band knocked out dozens of Replacements-style bash 'n' pop songs over two separate sessions." Ex SBD stereo.

133] Eric Burdon & The Animals - Live in Poughkeepsie [The Swingin’ Pig 2CD] live in Poughkeepsie, New York, 1983 with the original Animals - Alan Price, Hilton Valentine, Chas Chandler, John Steele etc. Ex SBD stereo, better than the official live album of this tour.


134] Blood Sweat & Tears - Live At Estival Jazz Lugano ’92 [no label 1CD] live at Plaza Dello Rreforma, Switzerland, July 3 1992. With original members David Clayton Thomas and Jerry Sokolov. Ex SBD stereo.

135] Bread - Washington 1972 [no label 1CD] live at DAR Constitutional Hall, 1972 tour in support of Baby I’m A Want You album. Try saying that to the record counter girl when looking for this album! VG AUD mono? Has dropouts and tape warps here and there.

136] Tim Buckley - The Lion’s Share, San Anselmo 1970 [no label 1CD] live in San Anselmo, California, Oct 1970. GD-VG SBD stereo? Despite its soundboard lineage, whoever was at the mixing desk didn’t do the vocals right. Buckley sounds like he’s singing with a mask on.

137] Kevin Coyne - Bremen, Germany 1975 [no label 1CD] live in Postaula, Germany, Aug 18, 1975 with a fantastic band of Zoot Money, Andy Summers, Steve Thompson and Peter Wolf! Ex SBD stereo Kevin even covers Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, God bless your soul Mr Coyne [R.I.P. 2004].

138] Elvis Costello - Agora, Cleveland 1977: ReMastered [no label 1CD] live at the Agora, Dec 5 1977. Also known as the Angry Young Sod bootleg. But this version is pre-FM tapes. Ex pre-FM stereo. This was almost simultaneously made available in a cleaned up version with supposedly better sound. You decide.

139] Doves - SXSW 2005 [no label 1CD] live at La Zona Rosa, Austin, Texas at South by Southwest Music Festival, Mar 17 2005. This is a broadcast on the Steve Lamacq BBC Radio 1 show broadcast on Mar 21 2005. Ex FM stereo.


140] The Doors - Three Hours For Magic: The Jim Morrison Story [London Wavelength 3CDs] This is one of the rarest Doors recordings out there, once even considered a "phantom recording" until a vinyl edition popped up. This recording was made in 1982 and was supposedly broadcast once in England in '83. It was pressed in a limited number of 500 vinyl copies that were promos given to radio stations in the early 80's. Very few have seem to have survived. It contains three hours of anecdotes about Jim Morrison from everyone from Corky Courson, Pam's father, to Tony Liscandro, to journalists, the Doors and the like. It is truly an amazing set for any Doors fan. It also contains Jim reading poetry from the Lost Paris sessions of '71. Ex SBD stereo. On the poetry readings, to my ears, the speed is a bit fast. Taken from vinyl so there is some noise but not intrusive. Scott Muni hosts.

141] Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue - Toronto Dec 1 1975: Complete Show [DylanTree 4CD] live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Dec 1 1975, Canada. This is the complete almost four hours show compiled by the DylanTree fraternity with sets by Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Roger McGuinn. Fantastic atmosphere. This show has appeared in truncated form on other boots notably Flagging Down The Double E. VG — Ex AUD stereo. Unfortunately this copy is marred by digital clicks on many tracks. NOT FOR TRADE.

142] Brian Eno - Long Now Wine Promo [Pelissero 1CD] Eno’s music used to shill for an Italian premium wine. This is nonetheless exciting unreleased music from 2002 and contains 5 tracks about 21 minutes long studying the sound of bells. We can safely say, it works wonders after two bottles of red. Ex SBD stereo.

143] 50 Foot Wave - Radio Bremen 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Radio Bremen, Germany, Oct 2 2004. 50 Foot Wave are ex-Throwing Muses Kristin Hersh’s new band. This show features the new album and EP as well!. Ex FM stereo. Tk 16 has a digital noise at 3.22m. But I think this was in the transmission.

144] Peter Frampton - It’s A Plain Shame [Head 1CD] live at Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, New York, May 7 1974. Like a primer for Frampton Comes Alive [1976] but without the cosmetic job, this sounds rougher and inevitably more enjoyable to metal heads. Ex SBD stereo

145] The Grassroots - Fillmore West 1967 [no label 1CD] live in San Francisco, Oct 5 1967. Backstreet Boys of their era. Ex SBD stereo.

146] Elton John - Live in Tampa, Florida 1971 [no label 1CD] live at Curtis Hixon Hall, May 28 1971. Interesting show with rare performance of Friends and a cover of Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz. VG AUD stereo, with hiss. Some dropouts in the original tape.


147] Joy Of Cooking - Pepperland 1970 [no label 1CD] live at Pepperland, San Rafael, California, Nov 13 or 14 1970. A San Francisco band that Janis Joplin saw as her competitor as they feature two "chicks", Tony and Terry. Ex FM stereo.

148] New Order - Reading 1993 [no label 1CD] live at Reading Festival, UK, Aug 29 1993 to promote Republic. At the time, the rock press reported New Order were about to split, hence some tension in this performance. The Michael Jackson vulgarity has been excised and is not on this version. Ex SBD stereo. Unfortunately there are gaps before five of the 13 tracks — Regret, True Faith, Temptation, Fine Time and Perfect Kiss. You can’t close the gaps as some data/music is missing. NOT FOR TRADE.

March 28 2005 [7CDs]

149] John Coltrane - Dizzy’s Band: At Birdland 1951 [no label 2CD] live at Birdland, New York, on Jan 6, 13, 20 and Feb 3 and Mar 17 1951. VG radio broadcast. Might have been recorded off-air.


150] Dexter Gordon - Dexter At Sandy’s [no label 1CD] live at Sandy’s Jazz Revival Bar, Beverly, MA, June 10 1977. Dexter’s band are George Cables, Rufus Reid and Victor Lewis. Ex FM stereo.

151] Sun Ra Arkestra - Mystery Concert [no label 2CD] live at unknown venue and either in 1972 or ’73. Supposedly recorded for a live album for Saturn label. Ex SBD stereo. No setlist.

152] Led Zeppelin - In The Garden of Sweden [Beezelbub 2CD] live in Copenhagen, Denmark Mar 16 1969. CD1 is the excellent prebroadcast SBD recording and the tape of the FM broadcast. CD2 is the complete show in a poor audience recording. Some confusion over the date and venue. Some have listed this show as Mar 14 in Stockholm, Sweden. This new Beezelbub release has a bit more DJ chatter otherwise it is same quality of existing boots. I don’t have the Beezelbub artwork.

March 29 2005 [31CDs]

153] Mercury Rev - Acoustic Sessions 1995 [no label 1CD] live at Rev 105 Studios in Minneapolis, Oct 8 1995. Taken from a promo tape. Ex FM stereo.

154] Bette Midler - For The Boys Sessions [no label 1CD] Outtakes and sessions for the film soundtrack For The Boys, 1991 + 2 interviews. Ex SBD stereo with some hiss.


155] Mott The Hoople - Very Flash Very Rude [no label 1CD] live at Winterland, San Francisco on Sept 28 1973. VG AUD mono? Echoey but all instruments are clear.

156] Elliott Murphy - Get Your Kicks On Route… 56 Live Songs Covered [no label 3CD set but I only got Vol 1] Compiled by Martial M@rs. These are soundboard live recordings but venue and dates not identified. Murphy covers Dylan, Lou Reed, Springsteen, Van Morrison, the Stones and more. I only got Vol 1. Ex SBD stereo

157] Mahavishnu Orchestra - Spirits Of Bird [Element of Crime 1CD] live in Munich, Germany, Sept 17 1972. Ex FM stereo.

158] Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Mourning Flame Of Eternal Five [Shout To The Top 1CD] broadcasts from 1973 on ABC’s In Concert, BBC In Concert and Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert. GD SBD mono with hiss

159] Mahavishnu Orchestra - Irish Streams [Highland 1CD] live in Denver, Colorado, April 1 1973. Ex SBD stereo.

160] Mahavishnu Orchestra - Miami 1973 [no label 2CD] live at Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida on Nov 24 1973. Possibly the longest show by the band. Rowdy crowd. VG+ AUD stereo with hiss.

161] Nirvana - Rennes, France 1991 [no label 1CD] live at Salle Omnisports [Trans Musicales], Dec 7 1991. This is the complete FM broadcast but the show is incomplete. Ex FM stereo.


162] Beth Orton - Royal Albert Hall 2003 [no label 2CD] live in London, Mar 31 2003. Ex- AUD stereo. Some echo.

163] Pink Floyd - Oakland 1977: Original Master Mike Millard Tape [no label 2CD] live at Oakland Coliseum, Los Angeles, May 9 1977 on Animals Tour. Ex- AUD stereo. Better than Animal Instincts and Mr Pig.

164] Pink Floyd - Montreal 1977 [no label 2CD] live at Stade Du Parc Olympique, Montreal, Quebec, July 6 1977 on Animals Tour. Master tape obtained from taper by JonsAttic. Ex- AUD stereo.

165] Elvis Presley - The Man In White Vol 1 [Lone Star 1CD] live at Fort Worth, Texas, June 15 1974. Ex SBD stereo.

166] Rolling Stones - More From The Voodoo Lounge [Sunrise 1CD] the best of the Voodoo Lounge Sessions 1993-94. Includes tracks not found on the Voodoo Stew and Voodoo Brew boxsets. Ex SBD stereo

167] Josh Rouse - Ostersund 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Storsjoyran Festival, Sweden, July 31 2004. Recorded from Swedish FM broadcast on Mar 14 2005. Ex FM stereo.

168] Bruce Springsteen - 20th Century Songs Vol 7 [Greasy Lake 2CD] fan collection of all Springsteen songs in alphabetical order. Demos and outtakes VG-EX

169] Son Volt - Acoustic Radio Sessions [no label 1CD] taken from sessions in 1995-‘96. VG to Ex FM stereo.

170] Traffic - Deluxe BBC Files [Five Dollar Records 1CD] this is just 8 tracks from the 22-track bootleg. VG- radio broadcast. NOT FOR TRADE

171] Wilco - A Ghost Is Born: 2004 US Tour Compilation [no label 4CD] Covers the shows from August to December on the Ghost tour. CD1 & 2 represent what each night’s show is like. CD3 & 4 pick up the unusual songs and covers. Mostly Ex- AUD stereo.

172] Yes - Tooleman Presents 1971 Soundboards [no label 1CD] Yes fan Shaun Toole remasters the Gothenburg, Sweden show on Jan 24 and the Yale Bowl, New Haven show on July 24. Ex FM stereo.

173] Yes - King Biscuit Flower Hour 1974 [no label 1CD] live at Boston Gardens, Massachusetts, Dec 11 1974 on Relayer Tour. This is the best version. This version is the incomplete concert. Ex FM? stereo.

174] Yes - Tooleman Presents: King Biscuit Flower Hour 1974 [no label 2CD] Yes fan Shaun Toole offers a more complete Boston Gardens show, still missing Ritual, with radio DJ commentary. Ex- FM stereo.

March 31 2005 [19CDs]

175] Ryan Adams - Bristol Flyer 2000 [no label 2CD] live at a pub in Bristol, England, Nov 15 2000 with manager Eileen Rose in support. An incredibly intimate show during the Heartbreaker promo tour with Adams joking, laughing and enjoying himself. If you edit the set, you can put all the songs on 1CD. Ex SBD stereo missing the last two songs as the tape ran out. FANTASTIC.

176] Paul McCartney & Wings - World Tour Premier At Elstree Studio 1975 [Master Claudel 1CD] live at small Elstree studio, England, Sept 6 1975 in front of EMI employees + sessions for abandoned TV show, One Hand Clapping, recorded at the Abbey Road Studio garden on Aug 15 1974 aka The Backyard Tape. Elstree show is VG AUD mono? Sessions is Ex SBD stereo.


177] Jose Feliciano - Estival Jazz Lugano 1994 [SwissBird 1CD] live at Piazza Della Riforma, Lugano, Switzerland, June 29 1994. Ex SBD stereo.

178] Jimi Hendrix - Gypsy Sun And The Rainbows Sessions [no label 1CD] sessions at Hit Factory, New York, Aug 20-26 1969. Some sources place these recordings at Jimi house in Shokan, New York. Mainly it’s Jimi and Mitch Mitchell exploring "Villanova Junction"? Recorded on 4-track. The flute on the tape is actually unrelated to this session. Whoever recorded this forgot to erase the tape completely hence the presence of a flutist in a Hendrix session! Ex- SBD stereo but there’s plenty of hiss.

179] Roscoe Mitchell - Aborted Album Session 1964 [no label 1CD] 3 tracks from an aborted session in 1964 in Chicago? With Mitchell, Alvin Fielder, Malachi Favors and Fred Berry or Billy Brimfield. Briefly available as a lossless download until Mitchell requested the download be stopped. Ex SBD stereo. No titles.

180] Keiji Haino & Coil - Play The Blues [no label 1CD] live at Manda-la2, Tokyo Kichijoji, Sept 28 2003. This show was celebration for 10th anniversary of Maboroshi no Sekai label. Ex AUD stereo.

181] Pink Floyd - Hollywood Bowl: Platinum Edition [Dan Lynch ReMaster 2CD] live at the Hollywood Bowl, Sept 22 1972 on Dark Side Tour. This is Dan’s Fireman’s Tapes series taken from the original master audience tape. Ex- AUD stereo. Some have criticised this remaster as being a bit fast.

182] Pink Floyd - No Room Upon The Hill [no label 2CD] live at Empire Pool, Wembley, London, Nov 16 1974 during the Pink Floyd’s Winter Tour where the highlight was the still unreleased Shine On You Crazy Diamond. This is the complete show. Ex- AUD stereo. This is taken from the taper’s master tapes.

183] Rolling Stones - Taxile On Main Street [Tax 1CD] Exile On Main Street Sessions, rehearsals, live in 1972 taken from vinyl sources and tape. Include 5 tracks from Perth, Australia, Feb 24 1973, afternoon show. VG — Ex- SBD stereo.

184] Bruce Springsteen - Christic Benefit 1990: Soundboard [no label 1CD] live at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, for the Christic Benefit, Nov 17 1990. Complete show with some fades at the end of songs. Tks 8 missing last verse, 17 and 18 fade at the end. Tk 17 has loud static at 1:03 m Ex SBD stereo. This show has never appeared in soundboard quality before. Springsteen is solo and is joined on last two songs by Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne.


185] Talk Talk - BBC In Concert 1986 [no label 1CD] live at Hammersmith-Odeon, London, 1986. No info on exact date. Ex FM stereo.

186] VARIOUS - Never Mind The Bans: Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks [no label 2CD] CD1 Sex Pistols live in Manchester Electric Circus, Dec 9 1976 + The Clash in support. CD2 Sex Pistols live at Leeds Polytechnic, Dec 6 1976 + radio interviews and Buzzcocks set from Dec 9 1976 in Manchester. This is a historic document of the Anarchy Tour with the Clash and Buzzcocks in support. VG- AUD mono? Some have said there are microgaps between tracks on the silver disc bootleg where this is taken from. Sounds ok to me.

187] Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat Outtakes [no label 1CD] Outtakes from 1986 studio sessions. Ex SBD stereo. Play loud.

188] Yes - Roosevelt Stadium Again 1976 [Xanadu Records 2CD] live in Jersey City, USA, June 16 1976. Taken from a simulcast on WNEW, New York and WMMR, Philadelphia. ReMastered in 2002. Ex- pre-FM stereo. A bit muddy.

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