APRIL 2005 [127 ALBUMS = 197CDs]

April 1 2005 [22CDs]

1] Tori Amos - Euro Radio Shows 2005 [no label 1CD] Tk1 is a performance at a Polish radio station in front of 100 fans on Mar 9 2005. Includes about 5 songs. Tk 2-12 live on BNN radio, 3FM, the Netherlands on Mar 27 2005. Includes a radio interview and live performances. Promo tour for The Beekeeper. Ex FM stereo.

2] Alice Cooper - Live at Tucson 1972 [Hard Road 1CD] Live in USA, Feb 16, 1972. VG AUD stereo.


3] Beatles - Northwest Nights [Darthdisc 2CD] live in Seattle & Vancouver Aug 21 and 22, 1964. Includes press conference and performance. The Vancouver show is soundboard, the Seattle show is poor audience. Both are mono. On Aug 23, The Beatles played The Hollywood Bowl which was recorded by Capitol and released on LP format only. A historical document.

4] Beatles - The Let It Be Radio Interviews [no label 1CD] interviews with The Beatles separately on Let It Be as broadcast on the BBC, May 23 1970. No music except for extended version of Dig It. VG mono?

5] Beck, Bogart & Appice - Beck, Bogart & Appice: Collector’s Edition [SQ Company 1CD] This includes the original album in Quadrophonic mix plus an alternate mix. Total of 18 tracks. Ex SBD stereo

6] Beck Bogart & Appice - Train Kept A Rollin’ [no label 2CD] live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, May 14 1973. VG AUD stereo? No title on cover art.

7] Badfinger - Would The Real Please Stand Up? [Westwood 3CD] This is the Tom Evans’ Badfinger that toured US in 1982 and ’83. The 55 tracks here cover the following shows - Bloomington, Indiana, Nov 1982; Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nov 1982 and Cowboys Club, Newark, Delaware, Dec 16 1982. There are also 4 studio tracks recorded in 1983 and 3 interviews including one with Joey Molland in 2000. For those to young to know Pete Ham and Tom Evans wrote Without You. Both later committed suicide. Excellent liner notes. Gd - VG AUD mono?

8] Donovan - Open Road Fever [Groovemaster 1CD] Tks 1-8 taken from LP Open Road that has never been reissued on CD. Tks 9-12 live on UK Top of the Pops 1968, Tks 13-16 ultra-rare UK remixes from deleted EMI CD, The Trip, Tks 17-20 live at the Isle Of Wight Aug 30 1970. VG to Ex

9] Horace Silver Quintet - Vienna, Austria 1968 [no label 1CD] live at Konzerthaus, Nov 3 1968. Ex- FM stereo.

10] Horace Silver Quintet - Live at Antibes and Pori 1969-1973 [no label 1CD] Tks 1-2 live at International Jazz Festival, Jual-le-Pins, Antibes, July 26 1969; Tks 3-6 live at Pori, Finland, 8th international Jazz Festival, Apr 14 1973. Ex FM stereo.

11] Bob Marley - Pittsburgh 1980: Last Show [no label 2CD] live at Stanley Theatre, USA, Sept 23 1980. This was Marley’s last show before he succumbed to cancer. This is taken from an audience recording [3rd source] of the complete show. Ex AUD stereo. Fantastic sound rivals the soundboard.

12] Nirvana - Barcelona, Spain 1994 [no label 1CD] live at Palau Municipal del Esports, on Feb 9 1994. Taken from radio broadcast. Ex FM stereo. 3 tracks only.


13] U2 - San Diego 2005 [no label 2CD] live in San Diego, California, Mar 28 2005 on Vertigo tour to promote How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. At least 2,000 fans swarmed websites to download lossless recording of this show. Ex- AUD stereo.

14] UB-40 - First John Peel Session 1979 [no label 1CD] live on John Peel show, recorded Dec 12 & 18 1979 and broadcast Jan 2 1980. Ex- FM stereo. 3 tracks only.

15] Wilco - Hammersmith-Apollo 2005 [no label 2CD] live in London, Mar 14 2005 on Ghost Is Born Tour. Ex SBD stereo.

April 6 2005 [7CDs]

16] Stephen Stills/Manassas - Manassas First [no label 2CD] live in Amsterdam, Holland Mar 22, 1972. This was first Manassas concert. Ex FM stereo. Couple of songs are edited but this is a great sounding show from FM broadcast.

17] Big Brother & Holding Company - Can’t Go Home Again [Legend 104 1CD] Previously unreleased live recordings Oct 1970 & Dec 1971 with Kathi McDonald on vocals. Produced by David Getz. Ex SBD stereo. This is Euro CD which I think is grey product.

18] Brewer & Shipley - The Lost Live Album [HiWatt 1CD] live at A&R Recording Studios NYC, Dec 9, 1971. Ex SBD stereo.

19] The Chambers Brothers - Live At Fillmore West [Universe 3537 1CD] Live at Fillmore West Apr 9, 1967. Ex SBD stereo. Cover art states performance on Aug 27 1965 but I think 67 is correct.


20] Bob Dylan - Early Dylan [DylanTree 2CD] From DylanTree comes a fine compilation of pre-recording artist Dylan when he played in the living rooms of friends who owned tape recorders and reel-to-reel tape machines. This set contains the Nov 4 Carnegie Hall show from 1961, the Bonnie Beacher tapes from Dec 22, 1961, and the Leeds Demos from Feb 1962. Sound quality is excellent. This is reMastered version of the above. See notes below:

"This is a gorgeous remastering of the Dylantree Early Dylan set. As you may know, the dylantree version was flawed with "digital fuzz" in many places, particularly on the Beacher tapes sections. The fuzz is gone on the bprm. Other annoying extraneous noises have been removed, as well as overlong dead spaces between tracks. No EQ changes have been made to the original sound of the recordings. Levels have been normalized to match up the varying sources. The overall effect is to turn the Dylantree product into a two disc WOW! rather than a choppy collection of moldy old stuff. It's never sounded better."

"Steve Wilkison has done a wonderful job with this set. I consider it well worth getting, even if you have the original dylantree set. Here is an additional comment from Steve: 'I spent the better part of two days remastering the "Early Dylan" set because it literally contained well over 1,000 separate digital glitches'. Truly a labor of love."

April 8 2005 [23CDs]

21] Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion - Texas 2005 [no label 3CD] live at Poor David’s Pub, Dallas, Texas, Mar 22 2005 promoting Explorations album. CD1 is Kevn Kinney solo. Banter betweem tracks is very soft. VG+ AUD stereo? Sarah Lee is Woody’s grand daughter.

22] Jefferson Airplane - Peyote, Sweet Potatoes & LSD [Dandelion 103/4 2CD] CD1 live at the Fillmore, San Francisco Nov 26, 1966 + Tk9-13 O’keef Centre, Toronto, Aug 5 1967. CD2 Toronto cont Tks 1-10 + Tk 11-12 live at Fillmore, San Francisco, Nov 27 1966. Ex SBD stereo


23] Joy Division - Black Souls [no label 1CD] live at Prince Of Wales Centre, YMCA, London, Aug 2 1979. VG SBD stereo.

24] New Order - SO 36 Berlin [no label 1CD] live in Berlin, May 27 1981. VG AUD stereo. Vocals are buried in mix. Another wonderful post Joy Division show.

25] Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor - Paris 1984 [no label 1CD] live at Theatre du Chatelet, France, Oct 30 1984. Tk 4 is Miles and Coltrane, nothing to do with this show. Ex pre-FM stereo. No setlist.

26] Don Cherry and Brotzmann Trio - Berlin 1971 [no label 1CD] live in Germany, Aug 27 1971. Cherry brings his ethnic cool to Peter Brotzmann’s wilder fire. Vg AUD mono? Some mic crackles. A bit muffled.

27] Sun Ra - Detroit Jazz Centre [no label 3CD] live at the Jazz Centre, Detroit, Dec 26 1980, 8 pm and 12 pm shows. Ex SBD stereo

28] David S Ware Quartet - Austria, 1999 [no label 1CD] live at Jazz Festival, Saalfelden, Austria, Aug 29 1999. The quartet include Matthew Shipp, William Parker and Guillermo E Brown. Ex FM stereo. No setlist.

29] Led Zeppelin - Voodoo In The Garden: Winston ReMaster [no label 2CD] live at Trentham Garden, Stoke UK Jan 15 1973. Ex SBD stereo?

30] Led Zeppelin - Bonzo’s Birthday Party [Watchtower 2CD] live at the Forum, Inglewood, California, May 31 1973. Ex SBD stereo.

31] Elvis Presley - Absent Without Leave [Double G 2CD] this is a censored version missing 5 tracks that are the released master takes. This 2CD set contains nearly all the June 10-11, 1958 session Elvis had during a weekend pass from the Army. Also included are interviews from that time period. Ex SBD stereo.

32] Elvis Presley - Walk A Mile In My Shoes [Ft Baxter 1CD] live in Las Vegas, Jan 26 1970, opening night. The tape legend shows that the original mastertape had excessive microphone overload , so RCA chose not to release this show.VG SBD stereo? Muddy sound. Excellent performance not so great sound.

33] Tom Robinson Band - Bottom Line 1978 [no label 1CD] live in New York, June 15 1978. Ex FM stereo. All the hits are here.

34] West, Bruce & Laing - Academy of Pleasure [Whoo-Ah 2CD] live at Academy of Music, New York, Nov 1972. VG AUD stereo.

April 10 2005 [14CDs]


35] The Law [with Paul Rodgers] - The Unreleased 2nd Album [Withdrawn 1CD] The unreleased official Atlantic album officially recorded and unreleased. Ex SBD stereo 50min.

36] Led Zeppelin - Days Of Heaven: ReMastered [Tarantura? 2CD] live at The Empire, Liverpool, England, Jan 14, 1973. This version is speed-corrected. Not sure if it is the Tarantura version that has been speed-corrected. Ex SBD stereo.

37] Led Zeppelin - Jimmypy (San Diego Times) [Akashic Records 3CD] live in San Diego Sports Coliseum, June 19, 1977 VG AUD stereo. A Mike Millard recording.

38] Led Zeppelin - Delirium Treatment [Tarantura 3CD] live at The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, June 25 1977. VG AUD stereo. A Mike Millard recording.

39] Led Zeppelin - The Lost Sessions Vol.4 [Empress Valley 2CD] Sessions and outtakes from 1978 for In Through The Out Door recorded mostly at Clearwell Castle, Wales in May and Polar Studios, Stockholm Sweden in Nov/December. Ex SBD stereo.

40] The Who - Young Vic "Rehearsals" [Wardour 010 1CD] live at Young Vic Theatre, London on April 26, 1971 [10 tks approx 30 mins] + part of concert same venue and date [9 tks] Ex SBD stereo. This is a new discovery. The show itself has appeared in complete form unofficially while some bits of this show is inside the reissued version of Who’s Next. The rehearsals are new.

41] The Who - Dance It Away [no label 1CD] Outtakes & more. Ex SBD stereo. No artwork.

42] Pete Townshend - I Am Happy Birtheday With Love: Meha Baba Session [Trystar 1CD] This is actually a 2CD set but I only have CD2 with some Townshend tracks eg instrumental version of Baba O’Reily and Pete’s own version of This Song Is Over, Parvardigar and a few others. The rest of the songs are by other followers of Baba and are unidentified on the cover art. I believe this was released on vinyl and circulated among Baba’s followers only. Ex SBD stereo.

April 11 2005 [21CDs]

43] Joe Cocker with The Grease Band - Live at Fillmore West [no label 2CD] live in San Francisco, Oct 19 1969. Torrented on EZT by DaveMar77. Ex SBD stereo. Tk 1 vocals are not properly mixed, improves by Tk 3.

44] Fleetwood Mac - The Other Mirage: Outtakes & Alternates [Mainstream 1CD] studio sessions for 1982’s Mirage which produced their US hits, Gypsy and Love In Store [not found here]. There are 5 versions of Gypsy here. Ex SBD stereo.


45] Deep Purple - Live At Leeds 1972 [no label 2CD] live at Leeds Town Hall, England Sept 29 1972. Poor AUD mono? Distant, muddy sound.

46] Deep Purple - Birmingham 1973 [no label 2CD] live at Birmingham Town Hall, England Feb 21 1973. Gd AUD stereo.

47] Deep Purple - Hofstra University, New York 1973 [no label 1CD] live in New York, May 27 1973. Three tracks only, incomplete show. VG+ - Ex- radio show in stereo?

48] Deep Purple - Square It Up 1973 [Reel Master 2CD] live in Japan, June 25 1973. VG AUD stereo.

49] Deep Purple - A Night Of The Machine 1973 [no label 2CD] live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan, June 27 1973. Second last show before Ian Gillan left the band. VG — VG+ AUD mono? Improves by Tk 2.

50] Deep Purple - Hammersmith ’74 [8-Ball 2CD] live in London, Sept 5 1974. It says soundboard on the cover but it’s not. Gd AUD mono?

51] Rainbow [with Richie Blackmore] - When Evening Falls [no label 2CD] Live at Budokan, Tokyo Japan, Dec 16 1976. VG+ AUD stereo.

52] NEW BARBARIANS [with Keith Richards] - The Drug Dealer Tapes [Empress Valley 5CD] CD1&2 live in Largo, Maryland, USA, May 5 1979. CD3&4 Lake Geneva Rehearsals Apr 19 1979 + CD4 5-9 jam at Geneva Hotel Apr 79. CD5 live in San Diego, California, May 22 1979. VG+ - EX- SBD stereo. Some hiss.

April 13 2005 [13CDs]

53] The Beatles - 20 Greatest Hits (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo

54] The Beatles - Beatles '65 (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) mono/stereo versions. Ex SBD

55] The Beatles - Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) Live in 1964-’65 in Los Angeles. Never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo

56] The Beatles - Beatles Beat (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) originally released in Japan. Never issued on CD before. EX SBD stereo

57] The Beatles - Beatles Greatest (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) originally released in Holland. Never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo

58] The Beatles - Hey Jude (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) originally released in USA. Never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo

59] The Beatles - Love Songs (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo


60] The Beatles - Reel Music (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo

61] The Beatles - Rock & Roll Music (Dr. Ebbetts 1CD) never issued on CD before. Ex SBD stereo

62] Paul McCartney & Wings - Wildlife Demos (Red Square 1CD) sessions for 1972’s Wings Wildlife album. Ex SBD stereo

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